4 Natural Bridge Bus Schedule

4 Natural Bridge Bus Schedule – This unique looking bridge is located in a small park in Saxony, Germany. Getting there can be a challenge, as Rakotzbrücke is not close to any major cities. However, if you combine a trip here with other nearby destinations, you can turn this trip into a great day trip.

Key Update: The newly renovated bridge is now complete. Our photos are from our visit in September 2017.

4 Natural Bridge Bus Schedule

In the Middle Ages, many giant bridges were built. These bridges are wonderful or difficult brick bridges that only the devil can help in their construction. According to legend, Satan first helped build the bridge in exchange for the souls of those who crossed it. Each bridge has its own story.

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The Rockots Bridge was built by human hands in the 1860s. The entire bridge is man-made, including cracks at the ends of the bridge and sharp rocks that sit in the lake. Although Satan was unable to play a role in the construction of the bridge, it is still called the Devil’s Bridge because it is a bridge. It’s amazing how Satan built it.

The Rockots Bridge is located in Cromlaw Rhododendron Park near Gablens. Most people visit Rakotzbrücke on a day trip from Berlin.

By Car: Driving is the easiest way to get here. It’s 165 kilometers from Berlin and takes around two hours to get here, mostly by bus.

There is a parking lot across the park (GPS coordinates for the parking lot: 51.537472, 14.635447). There is a small fee for parking at the ticket office. Cross the street and follow the signs for “Rakotzbrücke”. It’s a five-minute walk from the parking lot to the bridge.

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By public transport: Take the train from Berlin to Cottbus and change to the second train to Weywasser. Then take bus number 257 to Cromlaug. 1km from Cromlaw to Cromlaw Park. The journey from Berlin to Kromlau takes about three hours.

Once here, it’s a short interview. Enjoy the view from the Rakotzbrücke, take lots of photos and wander the streets around the lake. Cromwell Park is full of giant rhododendrons and azaleas and is a beautiful place to visit in spring. Fall is another great time to visit Rockotz Bridge and take photos of the bridge surrounded by fall colors. We visited Krumlauer Park at the end of September.

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Important note: Access to the Rakotzbrücke is prohibited due to the preservation of the bridge. At the end of the bridge there is no fence and no entry sign.

It’s a long way to visit a bridge from Berlin, even for a bridge as special as this one. If you have a car, you should combine Rakotzbrücke with other nearby destinations to make this trip the ultimate road trip. In one day you can visit the beautiful city of Görlitz, Rakotzbrücke, and take a short trip to Poland to visit Bastille, the second largest bridge.

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Also nearby is Bad Muskau, a resort on the German-Polish border a few kilometers from Rakotzbrücke. Visit the Moscow Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Is this bridge amazing? Is Rakotzbrucke a place you want to visit? If you have any questions or suggestions for our readers, please comment below.

All rights © Earth Trekkers. Reproduction of this article and/or its content (text, images, etc.) in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. At the foot of the Zugpitze lies one of the most beautiful lakes in the Bavarian Alps – Eibse. Formed by a landslide over 3,000 years ago, Boeung Phnom offers a variety of sports and excursions.

In summer, the Eibsee invites you to swim in the clear water, in addition to the various hiking trails. Rent paddle boats and paddle boats to explore the lake on your own. Those who prefer a bit of silence can board the e-boats – often to the Wettersteingebirge and Zugspitze. All information can be found here: Boat Rentals

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The Ebisu is also a must-see for its beautiful winter scenery. The Eibsee loop is also accessible in winter. In January, the lake completely freezes over, giving the landscape something spectacular.

The Zugspitzbahn, opened in 2017, is close to the Eibsee and takes you directly to the Zugspitze.

We are just one hour from Munich via the A95 and 10 minutes from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via the A95.

There is no parking space for all types of vehicles. Maximum vehicle height: 2.1 meters. No parking at night.

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Pack a swim trunk, air mattress, wristbands, and everything you need for the water. Families can spend an unforgettable day on the scenic pebble beach in the south.

The 7.4 km riverside path around Eibsee is also easily accessible by wheelchair. There are also plenty of places where kids can wade into the lake or go swimming. As a reward after the climb, there is ice cream for all diners at “Eishütterl am See”.

The Eibsee-Alm has a beautiful playground for children a 10-minute walk from the lake. Toddlers can let off steam while parents sit comfortably on the stairs while the wheel towers and tractors are raised.

SUP as well as kayaks and pedal boats can be rented at Eibsee. Some pedal boats are equipped with slides to make the boat trip more fun.

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Also, if you want to learn more about the lake, you can take a trip on the “Reserl” e-boat. During the 25-minute cruise past islands and beautiful beaches, the captain explains the history of creation while you sit back and relax.

Your stomach will growl after a hot day on the Abyss or a hot day in the cold water. Tarte flambée steak or Bavarian specialties await you directly on the lake or in the beer garden at the lakeside restaurant.

Due to its unique location at the foot of the Zugspitze and its crystal clear waters, Eibsee is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Bavarian mountains. It was formed when the Isar-Loisach glacier gave way. The rest is a pool full of water. A landslide that occurred more than 3,700 years ago formed the lake today with 29 swimming pools and 8 islands. A single mountain lake, because it is uncommon on islands and cliffs, is geographically younger than a lake basin. Eibsee gets its name from the deciduous trees that grow around the lake.

Bavarian Zugspitzbahn, Zugspitzdorf, GaPa Tourismus and Bergwelten have jointly launched the “Sauber bleim” campaign. No trash! Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Of course, there are plenty of activities around town to enjoy this holiday season, and the Metro is a great option for enjoying the fun while avoiding road construction, parking and holiday traffic.

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St. The 98th annual Louis Greek Memorial Day will begin Friday, Sept. 4 at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Midwest. Guests can enjoy Greek cuisine, listen to live music, and experience Greek folk dancing.

To get there, take MetroLink to Midwest End via the Midwest End MetroLink station and take a short walk north to the festival. You can also take the #10 Gravois-Lindell or the #95 Kingshighway, both routes stop near the festival. Please note that both MetroBus routes will be diverted from the start of service on Friday until the end of service on Monday.

The 20th annual two-day Blues Festival brings music fans to Laclede’s Landing River on September 5th and 6th to hear local and national artists. To attend the Blue Festival, take MetroLink to Laclede Landing and enter the festival at the First Street exit. The second entrance and elevator at the station are now closed.

Several bus lines also serve the east side of the St. Petersburg downtown landing zone. Louis/Laclede too. Use our trip planning tool to find the bus schedule that’s right for you. If you want to enjoy a good night out, check the departure time of the last train and bus from the city center first.

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The 11th annual Bosnian Street Festival will be held on Sunday, September 6 from 11am to 6pm. At the intersection of Morganford and Gravova Streets. The event features Bosnian cuisine, music and dancing, rides and a classic car show.

Take #10 Gravois-Lindell or #8 Bates-Morganford to the festival. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the #8 Bates-Morganford transfers.

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