Africa Data Centres provides colocation for the first Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Managed Root Server in Africa

African Data Centers

The IMRS group format is ICANN to help Internet users in Africa have faster access to services on the Internet; Africa Data Centers ( has been selected to lead the IMRS team at their class-leading data center Kenya.

African Data Centers, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, is proud to be the colocation provider for the first ICANN Managed Root Server (IMRS) team deployed in Africa. The IMRS cluster format is proposed by ICANN to help Internet users in Africa have faster access to services on the Internet and better protection from cyber attacks, which is aligned with the vision of Cassava group for an African country.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), in collaboration with its regional partners, recently announced that it is deploying a new ICANN Managed Root Server (IMRS) team in Africa, located in Nairobi , Kenya. ICANN is an international non-profit organization that regulates the Domain Name System (DNS) and plays an important role in ensuring global Internet connectivity and security.

An IMRS team helps improve DNS infrastructure in any country, region, or region of the world. It is key to stimulating Internet access and strengthening Internet stability. The IMRS team will reduce the impact of cyber attacks across Africa. One of the most common types of attacks, distributed denial-of-service attacks, works through a large number of servers and a flood of queries or Internet traffic. IMRS packages provide higher bandwidth and data processing capacity to reduce some of that traffic.

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African Data Centers has been selected by ICANN as the leader of the IMRS group in their class-leading data center Kenya. There are five IMRS collections in the world, two in North America, one in Europe, one in Asia, and the newest one in Africa.

“Improving users’ access to the Internet in Africa, and their security while using it, is part of ICANN’s mission to help make the Internet safer, more stable and more resilient.” in the world,” said Göran Marby, President and CEO of ICANN. “The installation of this new IMRS team would not be possible without the involvement of the local community. We are grateful to the Kenyan government for its support and commitment to promoting Internet access throughout Africa.

“African Data Centers is proud to be selected as partner provider for the first IMRS group in Africa. This recognizes the quality of the facilities of African Data Centers but also our collaboration with ICANN and its partners regional to a digitally integrated Africa. The African Data Centers recognize the contributions of these regional partners, especially the Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital Economy – Republic of Kenya, the Communications Authority of Kenya and the Technical Service Providers of Kenya, also its Kenya Internet exchange site (KIXP). hosted at the Africa Data Centers building, “said Tesh Durvalsula the Director General of the Centers African data.

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By introducing this IMRS team in Africa it is possible to answer Internet queries in the region, which reduces its dependence on networks and servers in other parts of the world. The IMRS team also boosts national and regional capacity by helping grass roots players stay in the region.

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For African Data Centers:
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The objective of the African Data Centers is to uncover various business opportunities and develop a strategic network of partnerships. This empowers African Data Centers to provide our customers with the highest standard of connectivity, portability and cloud-based data center facilities across Africa.

About ICANN:
ICANN’s mission is to help ensure a safe, secure and unified Internet. To reach another person online, you type an address – a name or a number – into your computer or other device. That address must be unique, so computers know where to find each other. ICANN helps organize and support these unique brands around the world. ICANN was created in 1998 as a public and community benefit corporation with participants from around the world.

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