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A beloved San Francisco Bay whale washed ashore and died last August. Fran the whale, the famous and photographed humpback in San Francisco Bay, has recorded 277 sightings since 2005.

Fran is the fifth confirmed whale killed in a ship collision that year, according to reports The Marine House.

Ships, especially large container ships, are some of the killer whales. Scientists estimate More than 80 whales are endangered each year in shipwrecks in the West Coast.

To avoid this issue, a high-tech project is called for Safe Whale has developed a solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The Whale Safe project is a whale tracking system that closely monitors whale data and ships, with the goal of preventing fatal collisions with whales. It includes audio and visual whale sightings and forecasting models to provide mariners with up-to-date information on whale habitat in transit areas. This can be done with the help of packages that carry onboard computers and record whale sounds with underwater microphones.

According to Rachel Rhodes, a project scientist working on Whale Safe at the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory, many whale populations have been on the verge of extinction over the past few centuries, and today many species are endangered.

“As the world’s ocean liners continue to increase, it is imperative that we implement solutions now to protect endangered whales. Encouraging ships to slow down to reduce the risk of collisions with whaling ships is a triple win. It saves whales, helps fight climate change by sequestering carbon, and improves air quality,” Rhodes said. “As ships move faster, they emit less greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides, and other harmful air pollutants that make diseases like asthma worse for vulnerable populations like children and the elderly. elder.”

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Whale Safe also provides shipping speed analysis on his website. Using Automatic Navigation System (AIS) data to monitor the speed of large vessels, operators are provided with a report card and overall rating based on how often a their vehicles are advised to slow down.

The proportion of vessels moving 10 knots or less in the Santa Barbara Channel in 2020 was about 54%, now it’s about 62%, according to Callie. Leiphardt, another Whale Safe project scientist at the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory.

“This cooperation rate is moving in the right direction, but we want to be closer to 100%, which means there is more work to be done,” Leiphardt said.

However, 2018, 2019, and 2021 are some of the worst years on record for cruise missiles. off the coast of California, 10 deaths have been confirmed in 2018, 11 deaths in 2019, and eight deaths in 2021.

These reported diseases are only symptoms 5% to 17% of shipwreck deaths because whales killed sink to the ocean floor when they die, so the death toll is close to 100, Leiphardt said.

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Whale deaths affect important issues such as ocean health and climate change.

“Whales are among the largest living creatures on Earth and play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ocean and climate, stabilizing the marine food web, and strengthening our economy – whale watching generates billions of dollars in support of coastal economies around the world,” said Leiphardt.

Researchers have found that whales absorb a lot of carbon dioxide in their bodies, and their babies lead to the growth of phytoplankton, which captures a lot of carbon from the atmosphere. A recent research the International Monetary Fund considers whale conservation one of the best ways to mediate climate change.

Many marine life and whale conservation organizations and programs, such as Whale Safe, continue to work to learn more about whales and ways to reduce the number of deaths to help preserve them. air and water conditions.

“Whales, like many animals, face a future. We must do everything we can to protect them. Some causes, such as climate change and chemical pollution, are very difficult to prevent. But for other reasons, there are possible solutions. This includes ship weapons,” said Andy Rogan, science director at Ocean Festival and a marine mammal biologist.

And 2021 study published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science reported that whale mortality in the Santa Barbara Channel would be reduced by a third if 95% of vessels were kept in fast-moving zones.

“We are continuing to reach out to shipping companies, navigation software companies, and other major players in this space to try to make our Whale Safe data available and easy to use and force more ships to slow down,” Rhodes said.

Even the Antarctic blue whale, the largest animal in the world, weighing up to 200 tons, is no match for these huge ships. Large cargo ships, with many thousands of containers, can weigh up to 200,000 tons.

“As consumers, there is a reason that we all relate to since many of our goods are bought and used and given away, but there is no reason that most of us say that there is a big threat to whales,” said Leiphardt.

Still, it works like this whale watching and all the wonder that whales bring to the seas, we already know how dangerous the seas are now for many reasons.

“Beautiful, dynamic, powerful and well-documented animals, they have the power to inspire and stimulate the relationship between the sea and the public that is so needed right now,” Rogan said.


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