Airway Management Launches its Custom flexTAP with Pioneered Technology

Airway Management, the manufacturer of internationally researched oral devices, has announced the launch of flexTAPa laboratory-developed oral appliance designed to treat patients with snoring and mild to moderate sleep disturbances.

flexTAP enters the market as a user-friendly oral appliance. Its simple design and adaptive technology eliminate obstacles for laboratories to create better, for doctors to treat at the right times and for patients to use the device correctly to treat snoring with ease to easily prevent sleepiness.

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In addition, the flexTAP is the first of its kind to use the new patented Vertex Technology combined with the flexTAP Mouth Shield to promote nasal breathing, prevent dry mouth and reduce excessive saliva for comfort. Specially designed without metal parts and with a wide range of advancement without changing the hooks, the Vertex Technology allows the mouth to open vertically and horizontally when the chin is raised.

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“The Vertex Technique provides more space in the mouth for the tongue and reduces jaw progression,” says Dr. Keith Thornton, manufacturer of the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP). “Not only does this help patients achieve better treatment results, but it also makes the joint effect easier.”

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As Airway Management continues to push for accessible and reliable medical options, flexTAP trials have shown that clinicians experience shorter discharge times and better treatment outcomes with less stretch marks. The flexTAP is not only the most convenient custom TAP, but is also listed as Airway Management’s most expensive custom device to clinicians and laboratories.

flexTAP addresses the market’s lack of acceptance and adherence to available oral appliances, and the recall of 16 mCPAP. Airway initially developed the flexTAP through their in-house laboratory Airway Labsbut are looking forward to launching through their partner labs in early 2023.

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A web site featuring flexTAP can be found here here.

About Airway Management, Inc.

Airway Management is the world’s most independently studied oral appliance manufacturer, offering products to improve the health and quality of life of people with sleep apnea.

Airway Management is committed to supporting the physician, healthcare professional, and laboratory technician with high-quality, minimally invasive snoring and sleep apnea therapy.


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