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The “Boogeyman” (BM) was a tradition. We use mythological existence to scare our kids into being good. Now we have created a set of them. There are MAGAs, socialists, climate solution deniers, pro-lifers, abortionists, racists, libs, antifa, supremacists, BLM, inflation, sexual identity, the police state, feminists, evil industrialists, and the heinous fear of offending. some one.

Popular BMs on TV are people who can take away abortion rights and make it harder to choose. The BM I worry about is inflation, our kids, crime, drugs, jobs, illegals and energy.

The schizophrenic way we raise children is tragic. Kids are not allowed to fail; it can damage their ego. We will not hold children back in school for reading, writing or math. We move them until they give up and quit. Recent polls on education show further declines in math and reading in Colorado and the US Union rejects charter schools, even though they are doing better for children. Children cannot drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes until age 21, buy cigarettes until age 21, have an abortion without parental consent until age 18, have hormone therapy at any time, have a legal gender identity change at 18, join the military at 17. Our parents give our kids’ car, money and free time but no education. Look outside the world, here comes the generation of under-educated, entitled adults.

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Our government has gotten worse in the last two years. Government control is growing in all areas of our lives. Many government employees vote for their paychecks. Who would vote to cut government if it meant losing their jobs? Our government allows homelessness. We used to demand work for money. For COVID, they closed churches, dentists, small businesses but kept open Walmart, tattoo parlors and liquor stores. We deny history by destroying statues and renaming sports teams. A corporation may be a legal “person,” but a baby in the womb is not a person. Where did the money come from for the election? Not from me. It must be a conspiracy from China or Russia or big business. Free speech is losing ground. The number of offensive words and opinions increases every day. Teachers have been fired or suspended for using the wrong pronoun. Equity is BS! This is another word for affirmative action and anti-equality. Why do we make all equity organizations force discrimination and quotas?

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Inflation! A dollar in 2000 is only worth $0.57 today and dropping fast. Even if inflation is stopped now, prices will not drop. No country has ever clawed its way out of inflation, but we tried and failed.

Our international policy seems to be non-existent. Russia has invaded another country and we sent $17.6 billion to Ukraine so they can protect their borders. We will not spend enough and be tough enough to protect our own US borders. Crazy. China is buying US land and threatening to invade Taiwan. We have poor relations with the oil countries of the Middle East, so we are trying to be better partners with the dictator in Venezuela for oil and with other governments that hate us. We have a war in the production of oil and gas in the US Iran gets nuclear. Remember the Obama administration cash pallets air-sent to Iran? We still maintain that Iran is evil and a major source of terrorists.

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It is time to choose genuine solutions for cheap energy, intelligent conversion to cleaner energy, real education, border control, spending control, crime reduction and inflation reduction. We have a federal government controlled by Democrats and Democrats running California and Colorado. There are no checks and balances. We are worse off than we were two years ago.

America is schizophrenic with our values ​​for: energy, inflation, international relations, medicine, criminal law, victim protection, child protection and immigration.

I believe we have to agree that our values ​​will offend others and make efforts to live and choose for a better life. The bigger the government, the smaller the individual.

Bob Boerger has been a resident of Loveland for 51 years. He retired after 45 years in business with HP and other manufacturers.


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