Baak Motorcycle

Baak Motorcycle – France’s BAAK Motorcycles produces some of the world’s most classic custom bikes based primarily on the modern Triumph platform. They design and 3D print prototype parts for custom builds and use them as test beds for a range of custom parts.

Interestingly, the BAAK team always starts with the wheels and tires they design. As they say, this gives them the ultimate bike design. Distinctive features include leather accessories such as fork covers and side bags, as well as small rear and beefy wheels and tires. The result is a modern bike with a vintage or “heritage” feel.

Baak Motorcycle

For this project, BAAK decided to do their own take on the Triumph Bobber. They avoided the new factory Triumph Bobber because that platform has its own strong personality. Instead, the team decided to start with the 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black, “gently interpreting the bobber”. Get the full build story below.

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Although Triumph recently launched a Bobber, we did the opposite and built a pure Bobber based on the 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black. As the Triumph Bobber already had a strong personality, we decided not to start the project on that basis. The new 1200cc Bonneville provided the perfect base for such a build with modern touches and an opportunity to give it a vintage look. We tried to make it as simple as possible and conform to Bobber codes with better design. We kept in mind that this bike should be well balanced and fun to ride.

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Bobbers generally fit the image of a rebel rider. We have done our best to address this stereotype.

As with every BAAK project, we started with tires and wheels, giving us the final design of the bike. We used stock hubs and aluminum rims on 16′ Continental tires. Many of the prototype parts were designed and printed by our 3D team before being manufactured and fitted to the motorcycle, so that each part fit together to create a cohesive result.

A big step was to make the bike more compact by making a shorter seat set similar to the one we designed for the older version of the Bonneville. We made an aluminum sub-frame that requires no welding to assemble, just cut off the back end of the frame. The HDPE seat and JUMP foam are then covered with a classic ribbed leather cover. This shortens the tail by 14 cm.

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We opted for side number plate supports to make it look more compact and to visually lighten the rear end by replacing the air box with flat air filters. The bike is 20mm lower than stock thanks to our flat machined aluminum triple trees and short shocks we developed in collaboration with the shock factory. This gives it a more rugged look, making the larger Bonneville T120 look like a smaller bike.

To protect the engine, we made an aluminum oil pan cover between the two stainless headers on our bobber exhaust manifold. This exhaust provides a deep and powerful sound that perfectly matches the design and creates a special atmosphere when you drive it. Thanks to the wide handlebars, the riding position is natural and encourages you to play with the bike. Despite the short saddle length, you can share the bike with a partner, and the engine’s torque will be your best friend during pair rides.

Many parts of the bike have been modified to be as close as possible to the vintage bikes like the turn signal, regulator, ignition control, mirror (located at the bottom). The timing effect we were trying to create was having to deal with the motorcycle’s complex electronics, leaving behind the speedometer and handlebar controls.

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The handlebar controls shown on this bike are 3D printed prototypes, to be cast in aluminum in the future.

Custom Built Motorbikes In Los Angeles, Ca

The Tiny Moto Gadget speedometer is integrated into Beacon Maintenance and allows you to retain almost all functions of the stock speedometer (except hot grips and engine modes). We are currently working on a plug and play solution so that anyone can assemble such a part for their new Triumph motorcycle.

The usual BAAK touch was used with some leather parts such as fork cuffs, handlebar and headlight plate belt, seat and small side pockets.

Most of the parts fitted to this bike will be available in our shop in the coming weeks so you can buy a bolt on kit to turn your Bonneville T120 into a bobber. It is lighter than a bobber stock bike due to the materials used to make custom parts like exhaust pipe, side cover, muffler, triple tree etc.

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