Balenciaga ads are a symptom of a deadly disease attacking our kids

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High fashion brand Balenciaga recently released a shocking ad campaign that sexualizes young children. These ads featured toddlers holding stuffed animals dressed in BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) equipment such as harnesses and fishnets. There was even a court document about child pornography partially hidden in one image.

The ads were absolutely disgusting. After public outcry, Balenciaga apologized for the ads that sexualized children. They did not provide an explanation or donate funds to child protection organizations, they simply removed the ads. Balenciaga’s leadership team and anyone else responsible for these images should resign or be fired. Saying “We apologize for any offense,” is not enough.

The Balenciaga embarrassment is merely a symptom of a deadly disease permeating our culture: the “pornification” of our media, the terrible danger it poses and the damage it does to our children. It is our responsibility as parents, teachers and reasonable adults to stand up for the safety of children who cannot advocate for themselves.

Why would one of the best funded and most highly regarded marketing teams in the industry, targeting the most affluent customers in the world, see this as a successful strategy to sell wallets? Who was it meant to appeal to, and why did they think it would sell a $3,000 handbag?

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The Balenciaga images were so disturbing that few defenses were mounted on their behalf, even in the most sexually deviant corners of the internet. But when money was at stake, many lost their voice. Celebrities who make big bucks from the brand through endorsements like Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman have been silent for days. Kardashian’s response took a week, and even then she couldn’t distance herself from the paycheck she receives from the brand. Her weak response was nothing more than a tacit endorsement of the pornification of our society.

Where is the outrage demanding safety and retribution for these children? We have seen the power of cultural figures when they demand justice for a cause. People and brands are “cancelled.” Public figures are banished from public life. Individuals lose their entire livelihood and reputation. But when a major fashion brand releases photos that could flag an FBI investigation into the possession of child sexual abuse material, our culture’s thunderous cry for justice becomes a muffled groan.

This is the moment for all of us to say no – we will no longer tolerate the sexualisation of our children. These are precious, innocent lives being damaged emotionally and physically by the worst of society, which values ​​greed and lust over human dignity.

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We must speak with one voice to oppose the decline of our children. It cuts across the shallow divisions of our time. Democrat or Republican, urban or rural, religious or non-religious, we must all stand up to defend those we have a duty to protect. The actions of the past week show how desensitized our society is to this madness. Silence is not an option. In this case, silence provides cover for child abuse.

After the backlash, the ad’s photographer claimed that he had no say in which props or models were used in the photoshoot. He claimed his only responsibility was “to [light] the given scene, and take the shots.” The items were clear and the age of the child was clear. How the photographer could continue to capture these images and not speak is mind boggling. When we see an atrocity taking place , like if a crime against a child, and we say nothing, and do nothing – then we are part of the problem.

To speak out means to demand justice. The hypersexualization of children must stop now. According to the United States Sentencing Commission in 2019, more than half (52.2 percent) of non-production child pornography offenses included images or videos of infants or toddlers, and nearly every offense (99.4 percent) involved prepubescent victims. The sentence enhancements for images depicting sadistic or masochistic behavior or abuse of a baby or toddler were applied in 84 percent of the cases. Just to make it a little more different.

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It’s clear that the savvy marketers at Balenciaga think that our society values ​​social status and sexual pleasure – including the deviant and violent kind – more than the safety and well-being of our children.

This mindset perpetuates our throwaway culture, the worst effects of which include the struggling state of our foster care system, failing schools, and the dehumanization of children in the womb. When we devalue life at any stage, we devalue it all together.

The truth is that children cannot advocate for themselves, they cannot organize, vote or lobby. They are totally defenseless. It is the civic duty and moral imperative of reasoned adults to be their voice and refuse to give an inch of ground to those who want to destroy them.

Balenciaga should be ashamed and held accountable. Children deserve better than our pornified culture. We owe them safety and stability.


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