Baylor Bears Are Putting the College Basketball World (Back) On Notice

As the grand clock struck double zero as the capacity crowd at the Ferrell Center exploded, the Baylor Bears earned their fifth straight victory, their third straight home victory over the Kansas Jayhawks and another statement for the college basketball world. They didn’t go anywhere, but the bears are back.

Not bad for a team that had the Big 12 season on life support in less than two weeks.

There are still issues for the Bears to work on. They went another seven minutes in the second half and didn’t score a field goal, and it’s a concern that a team with as many shot-creating guards as possible couldn’t shorten the game with a half-court offense. To see a victory. However, almost no one cares outside of their own facility, which is perfect. Sports is about enjoying the good while the good is good, and the Baylor Bears are good.


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