Benjamin Transport

Benjamin Transport – There is also a personal side of support – because there is close contact with doctors in Kiev. Surgical cutlery for Ukraine and more

Transport System Management: Dr. Benjamin Reban and his wife Sophie are collecting surgical instruments from the Hydras clinic. Photo: Hydex Clinic / Nina Barnard

Benjamin Transport

Practice Dr. In Soltau, Benjamin Reban organized the private transport of medicines, surgical supplies and surgical instruments to the Ukrainian border. Supported by Dr. Rebhan and his training team are supported by several grants, including one from the Hydecress Clinic. Dr. Raven said, the support of Ukraine is very personal, because his colleague and friend Dr. Oleg Yastrebov is from Ukraine and his family and friends still live there. Directly to Kiev. Just four weeks ago, Yastrebov himself was there, managing patients. He is in close contact with his medical colleagues in Kiev. “So we also know what the country needs,” Revan said

Pdf) The Tum Accessibility Atlas: Visualizing Spatial And Socioeconomic Disparities In Accessibility To Support Regional Land Use And Transport Planning

Arrangements have already been made for the delivery of medicines, surgical materials and surgical equipment required for the operation. Due to close acquaintance you also know that the matter has reached the hospital in Kiev. Efforts are being made to arrange protective helmets and flak jackets: “for colleagues in Ukraine, for transport, but also for people at the hospital site.”

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Icao Secretary General Raymond Benjamin Named Air Transport News Leader Of The Year

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Hands on in Altenburg (left to right): Andreas Schmitz, CEO of Schmitz Cargobull AG, Philipp Reich, owner of transport company Reich and Benjamin Broderdorp, local sales area manager. Photo: Schmitz Cargobull

Philipp Reich, owner of the transport company Reich from Wimfo in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, took delivery of two new vehicles with power curtains at the Schmitz Cargobel factory in Altenburg. This makes Reich the first customer in Germany to choose the EcoDuo long truck concept. Of course, Andreas Schmitz, CEO of Schmitz Cargobull AG, and Benjamin Broderdorp, responsible local sales area manager, had the opportunity to attend the handover ceremony in person. took

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The Transportation Technology Stack — The Technology Of Location; The Technology Of Disruption

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