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Custom promotional vehicle specialist, Search Impex, Scottish operator, B&L Transport are delighted to announce the upcoming release of the new DAF XG + 530 (6×2) (6×2), 3-axle, tarpaulin custom trailer for the B&L Transport range. .is

Bl Transport

This is the first time that B&L Transport has commissioned an official production model and WSI Models will build it exclusively for Search Impex as a certified limited edition.

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The release of the model coincides with the 40th anniversary of B&L Transportation. Founded in 1983 and based in Carnwath (a farming village at the southern end of the Pentland Hills in South Lanarkshire and approximately 30 miles south of Edinburgh and Glasgow), the company started with a DAF 2800 and a tandem axle tractor. Incidentally, this original DAF 2800 is still owned by the company. The restoration is described as “work in progress” and we understand that it will house a truck display venue at a future stage – so check out this space! In the workshop there is also one of the original and much admired B&L trucks: the DAF 95XF Super Space. Originally bought in the Netherlands as a 4×2 and converted to 6×2 here, the truck is burned every week to keep it in good condition and will hopefully hit the track soon.

With up to six trucks in the fleet, the goal has never been to build a large-scale haulage business, but rather to keep B&L as a family business that can offer flexible and personalized service to its customers. . The fleet currently comprises three trucks: two DAF XF 106 units and a selection of trailers, including a DAF XG +, three tipper trucks, several trucks and a van. At the wheel are company owner Thomas Bolan (known to many by his middle name – Neil), his brother David and Neil’s son Robert. Neil’s wife Jessie runs the office and makes the day-to-day operation much easier. The company specializes in the transportation and distribution of products including lumber, plywood and chipboard, but also deals with general transportation. Operating across the UK, B&L Transport focuses most of its transport work on how trucks travel along the A1 corridor from Scotland to the London area and back. Continental travel was also included in the corporate portfolio until it was decided to stop operations in Europe in 2018.

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Charmingly living up to the company’s longstanding popularity and distinctive black, silver and red color scheme, B&L Transportation trucks can be a familiar sight to many collectors. The new DAF XG + (the model it will be based on) is the latest addition to the fleet and comes with a custom license plate: RB52 TNB. This license plate has been carried over from previous B&L trucks since it first appeared on the 2002/2003 license plate – and features father and son (or more precisely, son and father!) Pioneers – Robert Bolan and Thomas Neal Bolan. Keep an eye on it during your travels!

Any collector wishing to reserve a model should register their interest with Search Impex as soon as possible and provide their contact details. Models are expected to cost around £ 155 (including UK delivery and VAT). We do not require a deposit. We will simply notify you as soon as the template is available and only then request full payment.

Bill Of Lading

For details on the availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website or call 01332 873555.

By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies for your best shopping experience. Other Accept A bill of lading (/ ˈleɪ dɪ ŋ /) (sometimes abbreviated to B / L or BOL) is a document issued by a carrier (or its agent) to acknowledge receipt of goods for shipment. Although the term was historically associated only with shipping, today the bill of lading can be used for any type of cargo.

The bill of lading is one of the three key documents used in international trade to ensure payment to exporters and receipt of goods to importers.

You can negotiate bill of lading, assign bill and invoice. In international trade outside the United States, bills of lading differ from bills of lading in that the latter are non-transferable and non-qualifying. However, the UK Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992 legally grants “all rights of action under the contract of carriage” to the holder of the bill of lading or to the recipient under the bill of lading or order of delivery.

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Common export agreements use Incoterms terms such as CIF, FOB or FAS, which require the exporter / consignor to deliver the goods to or on the ship. However, the upload is usually done by a third-party courier or shipper.

A bill of lading is a standard form that can be transferred by Dorcemt (or legal transfer of ownership).

Most shipments by sea are governed by the Hague Rules, the Hague-Visby Rules or the Hamburg Rules, which require the carrier to issue a bill of lading to the shipper specifying the type, quantity, quality and main signs (marks and numbers). Goods.

In Covtry v. Gladstone, Lord Justice Blackburn defined a bill of lading as “a document signed on behalf of the owner of the ship with which the goods are being shipped, confirming receipt of the goods and travel under conditions that can be specified in the bill of lading”. Therefore, it can be argued that the bill of lading was introduced to provide the shipper with an owner’s death certificate.

Lt 2000 Transportrollstuhl Aluminium

Although the term “bill of lading” is well known and well understood, it can be replaced by the term “transport document” as defined in proposed articles 1:15 and 1:16 of the Rotterdam Rules.

Although there is evidence of receipt of goods loaded on merchant ships from the Roman era,

The practice of recording a ship’s cargo in a logbook dates back almost as long as shipping, and modern inventory only came into use with the rise of international trade in the medieval world.

The growth of commercialism (which created other financial innovations such as the rental agreement (formerly the game card), the bill of exchange and the insurance policy.

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City Transport Seamless Pattern

) introduced the obligation of a security that can be traded in the same way as a commodity. Invoicing of commercial kitchen operators

The Dutch word “Lading” has exactly the same meaning as “load, load, quantity of goods that can be transported) but it is not limited to shipping.

Under the Glish Act, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992 requires the term “bill of lading” to include a “receipt for shipment” bill of lading issued by a freight forwarder or warehouse. A “consolidated bill of lading” can be issued by a carrier who receives goods from an establishment for subsequent delivery to a ship via multimodal transport.

Step 2: Instead of paying, the seller forwards the bill of lading to the bank. The seller’s bank forwards the invoice to the buyer’s bank, which issues the invoice to the buyer.

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The bill of lading is mainly used as a receipt issued by the carrier after the goods have been loaded onto the ship. This certificate can be used as proof of shipment for customs and insurance purposes and as commercial proof of compliance with a contractual obligation.

Although the Hague-Visby rules state that a bill of lading is only preliminary proof of receipt, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992, Section 4, declares the BoL a “final receipt”.

The bill of lading from the carrier to the sender can be used as proof in the contract of carriage that the carrier has received the goods and after receipt the carrier delivers the goods. In this case, the waybill will be used as proof of the transport contract. In this case, if the shipper does not ship the goods correctly, a bill of lading can be used if the shipper is unable to obtain a bill of lading from the carrier. Finally, the freight forwarder must deliver the bill of lading to the seller. In this case the bill of lading is used as proof

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