Black Panther 2 Jumps To $676M WW; Strange World Inanimate – Deadline

In its third weekend, Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever went on to rule at the global and international box office. With a $32.1 million foreign frame (-53%), the sequel has an overseas total of $308 million for $675.6 million worldwide until Sunday.

Before we take a closer look at the hold Wakanda foreverHowever, attention turns to Disney’s new entry this session, the animated Strange World which arrived with a bang at $9.2 million in 43 overseas markets and $27.8 million worldwide, including the domestic five-day holiday.

Strange World is original animated IP that, as we entered this weekend, saw a $25M offshore start and ended up worlds away.

The film about a family of explorers entered the overseas landscape without holidays to boost it and the World Cup acted as a distraction while also skipping several markets. Last June, Disney chose to abandon a theatrical release in France as a stand against the market’s archaic windowing system. Then, as we reported last week, the studio preemptively pulled the theatrical release in more than 20 international markets where the movie’s LGBTQ+ content would have most likely prompted demands for edits.

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By this preventive step with Strange World in areas like the Middle East, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, and East and West Africa, we’ve noticed that Disney is probably leaving money on the table. Past few years Encanto did just under $25M in the same markets where Strange World is not free – and that itself was lower than it could possibly be given Encanto went out when many of those areas were struggling with Omicron.

Eventually, Strange World was consistent in that it just didn’t click anywhere. The top market was the UK at $1 million, followed by Spain, Mexico and Italy with $700K piece and Germany at $600K. The movie is eyeing a potential $40 million finish overseas. See Anthony’s take on why it didn’t flow straight to everywhere.

In other new play, Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical has a strong no. 1 introduction in the UK with $5 million. Sony and TriStar Pictures released the film there while Netflix has it in the US and other markets from December 25.

The new version of the Tony and Olivier award-winning musical took a 45% share of the UK box office at the weekend, ahead of an estimated 50% Black Panther which is in its third weekend, and five times above Strange World.

At current exchange rates, That of Matilda opening is 60% ahead The Greatest Showman and is set up for a long British run.

Back in hold over game, Black Panther 2The international tally of $308 million surpassed the final gross of 15 MCU releases to date (excluding China and Russia and at current rates). It currently runs 5% below the original Black Panther and 6% behind Thor: Love and Thunder while 7% before Thor: Ragnarok and 16% above The Batman.

Monday, BP2 will succeed Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore to the No.

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The Top 5 markets to date are the UK ($32.3 million), Mexico ($29.3 million), France ($25.2 million), Brazil ($16.2 million) and Korea ($15.9 million). The global IMAX total is $43.5 million.

Searchlight’s The menu served another $5.4 million of 41 markets this frame, the foreign score takes after $14.8 million and global on $33.5 million. The drop from opening was 39%, including a 30% jump in Indonesia and soft declines in Mexico, Germany and Italy. The UK lead play at $2.4M.

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In local play, thriller The Night Owl bent no 1 in Korea with $6.1M while Japanese title Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween she raised China comes up to RMB 120.5M ($16.8M) after two frames and ahead One piece of film red travel there on December 2nd.


Black Adam (WB): $2.8M intl weekend (76 markets); $215.1M intl cume/$378M worldwide

*Bones and all (WB): $2.1M intl weekend (28 markets); $2.1M intl cume/$5.8M worldwide

She said (UNI): $1.3M intl weekend (48 markets); $2.1M intl cume/$6.4M worldwide

Lyle, Lyle Crocodile (SNY): $1.1M intl weekend (48 markets); $37.1M intl cume/$82.3M worldwide

Ticket to Paradise (UNI): $615K intl weekend (79 markets); $96.8M intl cume/$162M worldwide

Mrs. Harris goes to Paris (UNI): $588K intl weekend (50 markets); $16.7M intl cume/$27.2M worldwide

Smile (PAR): $550K intl weekend (46 markets); $110.2M intl cume/$215.7M worldwide

Armageddon Time (UNI): $528K intl weekend (9 markets); $2.86M intl cume/$4.7M worldwide

*Indicates new


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