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Bus Discovery – A half day tour in Turkey will take you to the beautiful Yuvarlakçay Water Park. Shaded trees, cool cascades and sparkling pools provide an escape from the heat of the beach. Stroll through the gardens or go inside and finish with a choice of Mongolian lunch. Then finish with the experiment of the farm with dried fruits and time stamped in a fragrant way.

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Bus Discovery

Add a new stamp to your passport with this comprehensive travel package. You will switch from Turkey to Greece and take a short trip across the Aegean Sea to the island of Rhodes, after a catamaran ride you will arrive in the city of Rhodes. Here you can see the beautiful harbor, the old walled city and the beautiful new city. Spend the morning exploring the city, including the beautiful Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Grandmasters. Stroll the winding streets lined with fountains, ancient churches and shops selling traditional Greek crafts and food. For lunch, choose from hidden bistros and lively water bars. After that you can go to the port of Mandraki. The Colossus of Rhodes is here – a statue of the god 30 meters high, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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Visiting the market is a great way to see Turkish life. This day trip offers a fun cultural experience in the heart of Fethiye’s shopping district. Other attractions include Kayakoy Ghost Village and Oludeniz Beach.

The Dalyan River, which runs from Lake Koycegiz to the Aegean Sea, is home to turtles and tortoises. And with the help of our guide, you can see both species on this morning tour. Gökhan, one of our guides, said about this valley: “God has blessed this place with hot water springs and the most beautiful beach in Turkey.” in front of the reed belts in Iztuzu beach on the beach Watch out for sea turtles in the water on the way. Your captain will walk slowly in front of the ancient Lycian tombs carved into the stone walls like temples thousands of years ago. It’s like entering in the Indiana Jones movie. Then get on the tourist bus and go to Iztuzu Beach. If you are lucky, you will see some turtles nesting in the sand of the beach. Visit a turtle sanctuary and increase your knowledge about turtles and conservation efforts. Learn about the life of the turtles and the breeding season from April to June and why the club was founded over 30 years ago. TUI pays the capital for each group on the trip. Afterwards, enjoy free time on the long golden beach, washed by the Aegean Sea on one side and the beautiful sea on the other.

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If you want to shop all day, then a day in Marmaris is for you. Main shopping streets and bustling shops make the city a paradise for all shoppers.

Fun for the whole family is what happens on the Aegean Sea. Cruise along the western coast of Turkey and relax on a boat before relaxing at one of four beach resorts. And in between breaks, kids can take part in games and activities with friendly swimmers. On top of this, there is a Turkish lunch. After skipping the lines, you can sit at the open tables – the best way to plan your future vacation. Sit back and enjoy watching the sunset. You can see Mount Babadağ – the highest point of Fethiye on the way, take a break to explore the beach of Yassica Adasi Island or relax in three beautiful places. And a good turkey lunch will keep you hungry. After that, you will have more time to relax and play games with the riders.

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Add a tour and see your boat down the serpentine network of Sarigerme’s waterways. Take a boat ride through some of Turkey’s most beautiful natural sites while spotting wildlife. You can add a board and be guided by a professional moderator. A job for the whole family.

Ride a horse and explore the Turkish countryside on two amazing tours. Choose between sunrise and sunset and you will be matched with a love horse that matches your creativity. Take a seat and ride through the forests and beaches of Sarıgerme. No matter what time of day you book this tour, you can expect a great day in nature.

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Pamukkale is Mother Nature’s masterpiece. On this unique tour, enjoy a swim in the calcium-rich waters before returning to the world’s oldest baths in the ancient city of Hierapolis. There is also a Turkish lunch and a visit to an onyx jewelry workshop. See a collection of places that have been created over the years like snow covered waterfalls. On the other hand, the water contains calcium carbonate, which is left behind by the water. Explore the old streets, see the 13,000 movie theaters and the thermal baths. Bathing is available at an additional cost, but the reward will be an unforgettable stay in the baths with Roman ruins.

Remember the ancient times of Ephesus and Sirinca in this personal experience. In Ephesus, marvel at the ancient buildings, including the famous Library of Celsus and the Temple of Hadrian. In Sirice, you will have free time for lunch and explore the old town. When you arrive in Ephesus, you can wander the cobblestone streets, admire the paintings and drawings of the ancient Roman buildings and admire the amazing ancient buildings such as the famous library of Celsus, the baths, the Temple of Hadrian, the Great Theater and more in Sirinca. Here you will have lunch in a local restaurant before enjoying some free time to explore the motorbike trails. On the way back, stop at a pottery workshop where you can be assured of handmade pottery.

Penyewaan Bus Pariwisata Di Jakarta Dan Sekitar

The wild currents of the Dalaman River are the perfect place for this rafting trip – an unforgettable vacation. With lunch and the opportunity to choose photos and videos as a souvenir. Beginners, intermediates and others can participate in the white water adventure.

There are many seat size options, the main car is 48 with a seat configuration (2-2), and 59 seats with a seat configuration (3-2).

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For cars with 31s and 38 seats in the middle. Tak hanya bus pariwasitas, Discovery also likes Isuzu Elf 15 and 18 seats – Sewa Elf.

Buses from Jakarta and good for PP, get pregnant with jemput. Dan juga melaimani pariwasitas antar daerah dan pulau, slujali pulau Java, pulau Lombok, Bali and other places.

Laksana Rilis Bus Jr Connexion Dengan Model Discovery Dc03

All units of the Discovery bus are using the Mercedes Benz OH 1526 NG engine on the Adiputro Jetbus HD3 body.

A large bus with a Mercedes Benz Adiputro Jetbus HD2 body. Rata-rata Discovery keluran tahun bus 2014-2016

Basic amenities such as Full AC, LCD TV 2-3, DVD player, microphone, karaoke, reclining chairs, arm rest, electricity, bantal selimut (Penggunaan luar kota) and security of other important equipment.

Mini bus of bangku 31 seats Mitsubishi PS 136 used chassis Adiputro MDD and Laksana type Tourista.

May 2019, Saxony Anhalt, Halle (saale): Travellers Stand With Their Luggage At The Bus Station In Halle/saale And Wait For The Rail Replacement Service. After The Discovery Of An Air Raid Bomb,

Although the middle bus has 38 seats and engine Mercedes Benz Series MB 917, Long Chasis Safety and Comfort. Dan menggunakan karoseri Laksana.

The Discovery mid-size car is on the same side as the front, because it uses a two-layer structure or SHD, which makes the Discovery medium car different from others.

The facilities include air conditioning, TV, DVD player, karaoke, reclining chairs, arm rests, electricity, bantal selimut (penggunaan luar kota) and left.

*Sewa dibulan August, pakai month September – November 2022. *Harga seva not kasamut harga Tuslah. **Click on the “sewa bus parishita” capsule under the bus rental form. There are many things to see. So take your time, take a look and find out everything you need to know about us. We hope you like our site and good luck

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