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Anja Wings is still relatively new to the mobility industry. The career changer has been a full-time bus driver at Niedersachsen / Westfalen GmbH in Germany since the summer of 2019, where he works for the MittelWeserBus brand at the Stolzenau depot. The 55-year-old mother loves her job, and we sat down with Anja to find out more about her.

Bus Driving Job Near Me

He already knows he’d like to work as a bus driver at least until he retires, if not beyond. An experienced woman knows what to do, likes gardening and sewing. His motto

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I have previously received unemployment benefits and have been in close contact with the local job center as a ‘supplement’. The employee told me last year that he was looking for drivers for the MittelWeserBus. As I am from the area and MittelWeserBus already knew me. The opportunity to become a bus driver was an absolute ray of hope. I was immediately interested and attended an evening to get to know each other. After that, I was convinced of this job and decided to train as a bus driver.

I did a ten week course to get my bus driver’s license. This means theoretical lessons and lots of practical driver training. Then I did an internship at the company for six weeks. In my case, the cost of the driver’s license was covered by the job center itself. After passing the exam, I finally got a full-time job again, and I’m very thankful for that.

I am a skilled driver and have even considered becoming a driving instructor. So the opportunity to drive professionally came in handy. I like traveling by bus and interacting with the passengers, for us they are mostly students.

My working day starts at 4 in the morning. Then I go to the company, get the car key, registration and schedule and take the bus. Then I prepare the bus, check again that everything is clean and disinfected. And then I take him to work, because students have to be punctual in class. I have mostly elementary students on the bus so it’s a little noisy. Every now and then I have to say something. This can be stressful. But when the children greet me

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, you know again why you love your job so much. It’s nice to get so much respect. I talk with my classmates during my breaks. Sharing experiences is important and helpful when there is another bypass.

Customer friendliness. In my opinion, you must enjoy working with people. Since I am a sociable person by nature, I have no difficulty in making contact with clients.

A sense of responsibility. The job requires a lot of attention both at the wheel and in classic situations of getting on and off at stops, especially during the school commute.

Ability to deal with conflicts. There are also difficult situations with passengers, as there are usually many different people on the bus. But I didn’t fall on my face and I’m fine.

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Everything is going very well for me. I have five children, but two of them are already alone and no longer live with me. My other three children, ages 17, 20, and 22, are very independent. Even if it’s a 40 hour week, I still have time to pursue my hobbies and spend time with my family.

Thank God, rarely. I feel very well integrated and accepted in the team. I have six colleagues in Stolzenau who also drive buses. It works well. However, I can also imagine that many women are wary of transporting these large vehicles as, unfortunately, there are still prejudices about women behind the wheel. It is also a big problem to be responsible for so many people, especially children. In any case, the reactions to my new job in my personal life have been very positive. Many actually said.

Before coming to MittelWeserBus, I worked in various jobs and went through ups and downs. I came to this job and here at the Stolznau company. I like coming to work.

It’s only been a year, but I already know I’d like to drive the bus before I retire. Bus driver Jens Minden has been transporting his passengers safely to their destinations in and around the city of Minden (of the same name) for over 28 years. Jens, 50, currently works for Ostwestfalen GmbH, whose buses have been operating under the Teutoburger Wald Verkehr (TWV) brand in the regions of Hereford and Minden since December 1, 2019.

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Bus Driver Jens Minden Enjoys Driving His Bus In Minden

I worked in the construction industry, but the work did not really satisfy me. There was always a part of me that really wanted to be a bus driver. When I read in the newspaper 28 years ago that they were looking for bus drivers, I decided to fulfill my childhood dream. I still remember telling the school bus drivers that I wanted to be a bus driver too. Some of them were my classmates many years later, which is crazy.

Was it easy to restart your career at that time, or did you have to fulfill certain requirements?

At that time, you had to get not only a bus driver’s license, but also a truck driver’s license. Today it is no longer the case.

Categorical! It’s nice to get people from A to B, but I especially like being close to the passengers – “good morning”, small talk when I’m buying a ticket, or a simple “thank you” when they get off. Little things make me happy every day. If you are kind to passengers, you get a lot of kindness in return.

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Unfortunately, yes. The entrance gate had to be closed for a long time and I was also not allowed to sell tickets, protect the passengers and myself. Overall, there are still far fewer people using the bus. Some have become even more cautious in their treatment. However, there are still passengers who behave normally and happily shout “hello” in their protective mask.

Yes, I have had strange incidents in the past, but even today I remember a passenger very well. The man got up in front of the bus as usual. However, he suddenly caught a big spider in front of my face. I was in shock. Then he told me that he had just bought the spider from the pet store and apparently just wanted to show it off.

Yes, unfortunately some passengers misbehave and ignore some rules. But that’s part of the job, too, in a way. I especially remembered an incident from a few years ago, when I was driving mostly at night. These guys tried to burn the bus by burning the seat. Fortunately, with the help of the police, we were able to avoid an outcome worse than a damaged seat.

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Oh, you can’t say that, I feel more comfortable in the city lines of Minden. I need the hustle and bustle.

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Back when I still wore name tags, passengers often asked me about them. I always thought that was funny.

Overall, I am satisfied. Of course, you can always do more. It would certainly make the job more attractive to others.

In my spare time I try to do cycling as much as possible. I live about seven kilometers from my workplace in Minden. Covering the distance by bike is a good way to balance the bus. If you are looking for an opportunity to work in the warehouse or its receiving departments, we look forward to hearing from you.

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What I love about my job is driving and interacting with customers and colleagues. I love going to work!

Everyone here is constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do things. To me, this is essential when you strive to be innovative.

The world of logistics is always changing, and so is the work environment at Kuehne+Nagel. That’s why no two days are the same for me and my team. This dynamic environment offers opportunities to develop and grow, and I enjoy helping and encouraging personal and professional development.

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