Chevron, JERA to Collaborate Beyond LNG on U.S. and Asia Pacific Low-Carbon Projects

New Energy Business Chevron Corp. and Japan’s JERA to leverage lucrative LNG partnerships and collaborate on “several” low-carbon opportunities in the United States and the Asia Pacific region.


Developments to consider include the production of low-carbon fuels, hydrogen, new technologies, as well as carbon capture and storage (CCS). They are currently partners in liquefied natural gas projects, including Gorgon and Wheatstone Australia’s export terminals.

“Chevron and JERA have worked together to provide our customers with reliable and reliable energy in the form of LNG, and we are excited about the opportunity to rebuild this relationship as we identify opportunities to provide cleaner energy,” said Chevron New. Energy President Jeff Gustavson.

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“Partnerships are important to achieving lower carbon goals, and we believe Chevron has the people, assets and customers to help drive solutions around the world.”

JERA is an equal joint venture with Japanese power company, Tepco Fuel & Power Inc. and Chubu Electric Power Co. It produces about 30% of all electricity in Japan.

Company Vice President Yukio Kani said “strengthening our cooperation with Chevron not only expands business opportunities for both companies, but also contributes to a stable energy supply in Asia Pacific and the US for the transition to a decarbonized society.”

In the United States, the collaboration will focus on the hydrogen value chain, including production, export and transportation. Chevron and JERA also plan to study liquid organic hydrogen (LOHC) carriers in the United States.

JERA Americas Inc. invested about $17 million in LOHC hydrogen. Chevron’s investment was not disclosed.

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“LOHC has the potential to enable efficient hydrogen transport and long-term energy storage applications, basically using hydrogen as a battery to deliver low-carbon energy on demand,” executives said. As part of their focus on LOHC, Chevron and JERA each invested in Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, which is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany.

Also on the drawing board is a joint study to explore the co-development of low carbon fuels in Australia. The study is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Low-carbon fuel supplies produced in the Asia Pacific region “will seek to take advantage of Chevron’s LNG and CCS knowledge and experience,” the executive said.

The JERA partnership adds to the range of low carbon opportunities Chevron New Energies has in its quiver.

In October, Chevron joined Air Liquide SA, LyondellBasell and Uniper SE to “potentially advance” hydrogen and ammonia facilities on the Gulf Coast to support global industrial decarbonization.

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Chevron is also considering several Gulf Coast CCS projects. Earlier this year, it started talking to Talos Energy Inc. and Carbonvert Inc. to promote a CCS hub southeast of Houston near a massive petrochemical complex.

Chevron is also considering a CCS hub with Enterprise Product Partners LP. And another CCS project is on the drawing board with a group led by ExxonMobil. In addition, Chevron and California Bioenergy LLC last month expanded their dairy biomethane business to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) as a transportation fuel in the Golden State. Chevron agreed to provide funding for as many as seven digesters and a central upgrading facility across a cluster of dairy farms in Merced County. When completed, which is expected next year, Chevron will take 100% of the RNG produced for the California vehicle fuel market.


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