Daniel Craig Belvedere Ad Has Internet Asking: Where Are His Muscles?

Daniel Craig starred in a Belvedere vodka ad that had the Internet in stitches. But it wasn’t just his easygoing gasp that left some in a frenzy, but his appearance in commercials that had some fans questioning where his muscles lie.

Daniel Craig played James Bond from 2006 until 2021. During this time, Craig’s rippling pecs and bulging biceps served as a silent defense against all evil in the world. Peaceful people were able to sink into his barrel-like box and let their dreams save them from bad people, while delusional people could think that they, too, were Healer of the muscles of man. Ah, the good times.

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But time is running out. Now, it’s not just that Craig has started riding guns on mopeds (much to the dismay of the idiots, who love tradition) and moving on to comedies like Knives Out (very good ) but he – according to the eagle eyes of some. Instagram commenter – not like that construction so did he in the Casino Royale days with friends.

This is not a surprise, but still: Everything is online. Case in point: news of Belvedere Vodkas promoting Craig’s latest commercial on Instagram.

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WATCH: Daniel Craig stars in hilarious vodka commercial

In addition to praising Craig’s Eastern European appearance (or the funny way that director Taika Waititi took the announcement), some commentators took the opportunity to talk about the body of the 54-year-old age.

“Where [sic] his muscles?” One commenter, @jessefriimann, wrote, and another user wrote: “Really! She looks so thin.” While others praised him, a third commenter dug in the knife, calling the accusation baseless and cruel, writing: “He’s off steroids…”

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While there’s a lot of love for the ad and the outfit (see: “She looks so Polish here” and “The best vodka commercial ever”), there are a couple of criticisms. One Instagram user said: “Are you trying to market to boomer moms?!?” another wrote: “Oh god no clothes.”

“‘Shaked, not shaken’ comes to mind.”

Instagram user @holtomkins

No matter how smooth you like your spirits (and vodka samples), I think we can all agree that Craig’s looks great, hard or no hard. Please leave me alone and I’ll go pour a martini for dinner.

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