DDB Group Aotearoa and FINCH launch campaign to ‘correct the internet’

The DDB New Zealand Group and FINCH are behind a global initiative designed to highlight and address the disparity in research that affects female athletes. Fix the Internet The goal is to show and correct the mistakes of the internet search results and show sportswomen as a product.

The project is a collaboration of an international group of like-minded people saw the need to pursue the project, which was won by co-founder Rebecca Sowden of Fix the Internet and head of the United Nations’ ‘Sports for Goals’ member group Heroine – an international sports marketing consultant.

The problem first became apparent when DDB stood up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup inside New Zealand. When researching information about international football players, the team The women found many football records. However, when asked simply, The questions were not asked to find this information, the internet put people in the wrong place top women in statistics in its search results.

According to Lex Hodge, Director of FINCH, the project is a collaborative effort with a team working together towards a common goal – fixing the internet so that female athletes can be seen.

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“When this came to me, I was very happy. The pursuit of justice and the power/ability to stand up and speak truth to power is very creative. No doubt, no politics – the girl in the movie wants the truth. And the most terrible thing is – where we collect information that does not show the truth. It is important for me through the movie that We give the internet the feeling of being honest, strong in many.

FINCH created an exciting video to launch the campaign which was shown at the NZ Football Ferns match against the US Women’s team at Eden Park on Saturday 21st January.

Rebecca Sowden says she is passionate about helping the world recognize all sports heroes and empowering the next generation of sportswomen.

“Most of the best athletes in the world are women. Most world sports records are held by women. But when people search the internet for real sports information about athletes, the results tend to favor athletes, even though female athletes have higher numbers.

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“Because the internet has learned our suspicion that many of its search engine results are not the same, they often favor men, and they change depending on who is searching. Our goal is to empower the next generation of sportswomen by ensuring that when women are the best in the world, the internet will reflect that,” said Sowden.

With its goal of empowering women through the power of sport, Fix the Internet It has also been endorsed by the United Nations initiative, Football for Goals (FFTG), as well as the support of organizations such as Women in Sport New Zealand (WISPA), Women Sport Australia, and New Zealand Football and many famous athletes including Red Roses English footballer Shaunagh Brown and NZ Football Fern Meikayla Moore.

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DDB Group New Zealand Managing Director – Operations, Liz Knox said: “There is no easy way to fix inaccuracies in search results. However, if people report these issues using each search engine’s built-in feedback function, they can be logged and corrected. The problem is, most people don’t know how to respond, and the current design changes in some of the larger search engines make it harder to find.

“So, we created a tool to make it easier to give feedback. And our project is designed to make the international community feel comfortable talking and working really hard to change some of the actions of the gender controls our search engines. Success will see these search results improve over time,” Knox said.

A number of partners are supporting the campaign across their channels, with a range of social, OOH, TV, radio and PR activities.


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