Enola Holmes 2 review: A game cast carries the superb sequel

Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter hide under the floorboards in a scene from Enola Holmes 2.

“The stars of the film give powerful performances that hold the story together and take you on Enola’s journey.”


  • Millie Bobby Brown is endlessly entertaining

  • Henry Cavill’s character as Sherlock Holmes is fresh and exciting

  • Just the right balance of action, humor, and mystery


  • The central secret is somewhat complicated

The secret to making a good story is one that has eluded a few filmmakers and studios over the years. The history of Hollywood is filled with successive films that are not as successful as the previous ones, but every time, the film finds all the right signs.

And sometimes – as in the case Enola Holmes 2 — they make it look like, well… the beginning.

Millie Bobby Brown sits on a couch in a scene from Enola Holmes 2.

Growing up

Directed by Harry Bradbeer from a script by Jack Thorne, Enola Holmes 2 brings back Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger things) as an influential detective, he finds himself in the shadow of his famous brother, Sherlock, who also played Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. The film finds Enola struggling to get his fledgling investigative agency off the ground as he becomes immersed in a mysterious case with connections to the highest levels of government and industry.

The first Enola Holmes He did a great job of introducing Brown as the title character, his smart, intelligent demeanor matched only by his awkwardness and understanding of the problem. Brown plays his own role, handling the action with ease and humor, and showing great chemistry with Cavill but also with the film’s audience, thanks to Enola for breaking the mold. four walls and bring the audience to his story.

All of these things are still going on – and still growing – inside Enola Holmes 2, which seems like a natural extension of the first film, from the story itself to Enola’s relationship with the people around it and the audience. There’s a comfort level in the franchise now that Enola feels like an old friend you’re checking out and has a story to tell you.

Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Louis Partridge look at a piece of paper in a scene from Enola Holmes 2.
Enola Holmes 2. Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury. Cr. Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2022

Sherlock and Enola

Popular topics in 2020 Enola Holmes focused on his desire to establish his independence, and Enola Holmes 2 Brown is now in a strong position to ask for and accept help. It’s a sketch-book of sorts, but it’s handled delicately and manages to avoid diminishing Enola’s role as an independent woman in a darkly patriarchal world.

That’s an easy line to walk, but Brown and the film’s creative team find the narrative balance necessary to do so.

Their performance is supported by a different performance from Cavill, whose version of Sherlock gets more screen time and character development this time around, but never overwhelms Brown and his portrayal of Enola. Cavill’s Sherlock is just as mentally distant and socially awkward as Enola, but he’s smart enough to recognize that because he’s human, the same qualities he values ​​in his sister .

Cavill’s Sherlock is not a sentimental character, but instead explores his thoughts and truths through his interaction with Enola. It’s a clever way to inject warmth and heart into a character known for being cold, and Cavill and the film’s creative team manage it.

Henry Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes in a scene from Enola Holmes 2.

The game is on

The film’s Holmes-ian premise — analyzed by author Nancy Springer Enola Holmes novel, adapted for the movies — is surprisingly the weakest of Enola Holmes 2 its main secret.

Enola’s voyage became entangled in a mystery involving a mysterious woman, a lumber mill, and the British government, but the relationship between all the parties involved was somewhat opaque in the aftermath. in the third major exhibition. Even when Enola pulls back the curtain and reveals the villains, the story is never quite like “A-ha!” The moment we expect from the stories that came out of the whole world of Sherlock Holmes. It’s a bit sad, but the film’s best performances — which include a ruthless detective played by David Thewlis and returning characters Susie Wokoma and Helena Bonham Carter — lift Enola Holmes 2 every time the story breaks down in its own mystery.

Fun, funny, very smart, Enola Holmes 2 It’s a rare sequel that not only works well because of its past but also expands the universe of the franchise in meaningful ways. The film’s ending sets the stage for more stories to come about Enola — and Sherlock, for that matter — and its fans have plenty of reasons to hope to connect with them.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer, Enola Holmes 2 premieres November 4 on Netflix.

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