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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 introduces a new Colombian Commander to the pool with Operation Solar Raid. After various leaks online, the Controller is called Solis, which translates to Sun in English. The Manager will be part of the upcoming Action, along with the new map.

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Ubisoft has promised a number of changes in the roadmap for Season 7 Season 4 of Siege. When the mid-season map was released a few days ago, fans learned that the developers will be removing an event from the upcoming season, as well as a real arcade mode, which is now scheduled for the Year 8.

Ubisoft has already promised the addition of the Colombian director to the game with the first roadmap of Season 7. Players will be able to enjoy him in the game shortly after the full presentation of the Due in November 2022.

Solis’s gear is similar to IQ’s Specter in Rainbow Six Siege

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Ubisoft has promised that players will be able to enjoy Operation Solar Raid on official test players on November 21. This means that the upcoming Operation will be available on live players at early December.

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With that said, Ubisoft has yet to make an official statement on the final release date for Action. The full reveal of the expansion is scheduled for November 21, 2022, at 12:30 pm PT/9:30 pm CEST on Ubisoft’s official YouTube handle.

The Solar Raid expansion will also feature a new map called Nighthaven Labs. One can say that the upcoming Action will be filled with a new Controller and a new map, as well as many other changes promised by Ubisoft.

Solis’ alleged delivery of cargo for the upcoming Operation

Based on footage online, Solis’ device looks similar to IQ’s Spectre, with visible electronics, but for Defenders. Basically, Solis can be used to track down Attackers electronic equipment and can destroy it when found.

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According to the story, his device works with his helmet vision, similar to Jackal. This core tool can change the Rainbow Six Siege meta. He is one of the strongest Defenders.

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For weapon loading, the Defender carries the primary P90 SMG used by GIGN personnel. It can also be replaced with the Pump-action Shotgun ITA12L used by Valkyrie and Oryx. For his second weapon, Solis took the popular SMG-11. His only responsibility is that he is very strong on the defensive side.

Solis will also be paired with Impact Grenades for secondary equipment that can be replaced with a Heavy Duty Camera.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 4 will also feature various tactical shooter quality and health upgrades. The upcoming season will be like the classic Siege Operations where the developers will release the promised content as soon as possible.

A new map is coming to Operation Solar Raid! Find out more about this beach destination throughout the Show. Watch live on Monday, November 21 at 12:30PM PT/9:30PM CET at youtube.com/Ubisoft! https://t.co/qSjMSbsK4J

With that said, Rainbow Six Siege also steps into a new competitive dawn with Generation 2.0 and a new anti-cheat update. The introduction of the new Controller will change the Rainbow Six Siege meta. Siege can be considered very different, after Year 8.

The new Nighthaven Labs map is also up as the pool has been updated.

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