Experts to Teach Use of Digital Technology to Increase Sales, Revenue at LDS

Technology enthusiast, Mrs Roseline Ilori, has reiterated the need for government at all levels and stakeholders to invest more in technology; not only in software development, but in robotics, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, language biology and many other types of technology.

Mrs Ilori, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bridge57 Solutions Limited, made the call in a statement in Lagos.

According to him, these investments will increase manufacturing competitiveness through the authentication and availability of goods and services and improve physical and cyber security, among others.

He said that the government should do more to make Nigeria’s technology environment more friendly, because there is a lot of growth and interest among the youth in technology.

He said Nigerian technologists are the most sought after among developed economies as the exodus has reached half of the country’s technological brains.

“The fact is that the environment we live in is not good for technology to thrive, so the government should do more for that purpose so that technology can come forward.

“The ‘Japa Syndrome’ is a major challenge affecting our human potential, therefore, the need for greater growth of these internal experts, so that some may leave and many may remain. the country continues.

According to the owner of Bridge57, Nigeria continues to be innovative as he says, contrary to popular belief, technology is different from innovation.

He saw; “In terms of innovation, we are still far behind in Nigeria. For example, when I had the opportunity to train in innovation in some international organizations, I realized that many people It’s about creativity, but few people do creativity, because many people don’t really know what creativity is.

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“In terms of technology, yes, we are doing well, but in terms of innovation, we are still lagging behind. Innovation is not just about technology, it goes deeper than that. Innovation can be applied to processes, products, marketing and different areas of business models. But technology can use innovation; often when people mention innovation, people think it’s technology, but they’re two different things. They both want each other to flourish.

However, the technologist also called on the government to reform the Nigerian education curriculum at all levels to include the practical aspects of technology so that there is early exposure to the latest trends in technology and innovation. .

He said the need to expose, encourage and educate the Nigerian child through the early childhood education system is due to the economic power of technology and its ability to solve almost all problems across the board. in parts.

“Technology today is beyond computers and smart phones because it has many aspects, if the youths have access to training, it can have great benefits for the country.

“Therefore, we need to rework the curriculum to include technology, innovation and robotics beyond the surface use of computers.

“In our universities, there are many technical activities that the government can benefit from, but we must invest first of all resources from the universities to open the minds of students to the possibilities of the technology.

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“The most practical way to connect with the real world more than the abstract classes that a Nigerian child is used to is what is needed to open their minds to the endless possibilities of technology,” he said. .

Mrs Ilori said government funds, when released, should be put to good use to secure the future of technology and educate people who want to use their knowledge for the development of the country. .

She urged young women interested in the technology industry, which is considered a male-dominated industry, to take the bull by the horns, however small, and showcase their talents and abilities. strength

“Funding is key, and cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and this is necessary to create innovative startups.

Speaking at Bridge57 Solutions, he has implemented various business initiatives and products for various organizations, NGOs, and government parastatals using strategic vision, leadership and decision-making, said and Ilori established the organization to organize workshops, using innovation, methods and tools to improve. Nigeria’s technological environment.

“I have been in the technology space for 18 years now in Nigeria and other countries in Africa where we have provided many solutions before. I decided to start Bridge57 Solutions because I saw a There are many more problems to solve in Nigeria and Africa. We have many problems, if I may say so. But where there are problems, there are also opportunities. So I looked for an opportunity to solve a big problem. It’s one of the things that drives me. I see a lot of opportunities that an entrepreneurial family will have.

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“At Bridge57, there are two pillars; innovation and technology, between them is the digital revolution. These are the two pillars on which our business is built.

“We have many international partners who are technology providers. We work with them to bring technology that is not available here. For example, looking at the language of biometrics, there are solutions in in the language of biometrics. You’d be surprised that our languages ​​are as unique as our fingerprints. We can use that to help people use services, but they don’t know how to read. There are some problems to remember their PINs, because they don’t know how to write, you see people who don’t know enough to tell people their passwords, so they reveal themselves. How can we use that language, for example, for security, since there are many security issues in our society?

“These are some of the problems that this technology, even if it seems simple, can solve. In addition to language technology, it is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, AI. We have partners who work together and use we have AI to identify moving objects. It can tell if a person is male or female. These are some of the innovations we are doing at Bridge57,” Mrs Ilori shared.


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