Gold’s Gym parent company confirms CEO was on crashed plane

Founder and CEO Rainer Schaller, family and friends were aboard a small plane that disappeared off the radar off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, a press representative for the RSG Group of gym outlets, including Gold’s Gym and McFit, confirmed Monday. (Chris D. Schwab, Shutterstock)

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Rainer Schaller, founder and CEO of the RSG Group of gyms, including Gold’s Gym and McFit, said Monday that family and friends were on board a small plane that disappeared from radar off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. .

“The family and two other people were on board the plane at the time of the accident,” company spokeswoman Kristen Kaufmann said in a statement Monday.

The company has not confirmed Schaller’s death, although searchers have found two bodies, luggage and pieces of the plane in the sea.

“We are shocked, appalled and saddened by this tragic accident,” the RSG statement read. “We have been deeply shaken by the news over the past few days, and our thoughts are with the family during these difficult hours.”

“As the situation is currently being investigated at the scene, we cannot comment further at this time and cannot ask for your help.”

Schaller is listed as “Founder, Owner and CEO of RSG Group,” a conglomerate of 21 fitness, lifestyle and fashion brands, both direct and franchise, that operates in 48 countries and has 41,000 employees.

On Sunday, Costa Rica’s security ministry said the bodies of an adult and a child were found 17 miles from Limón airport, but the bodies have not yet been identified.

Searchers found bags and backpacks as well as pieces of the plane.

All five passengers were German nationals. The pilot of the plane was Swiss.

Costa Rican officials said pieces of the twin-engine turboprop plane were found in the water after the flight disappeared Friday.

The aircraft was an Italian-made nine-seater Piaggio P180 Avanti known for its distinctive profile. He disappeared from radar as he headed for the seaside resort town of Limon.

The security ministry said the flight took off from Mexico.

Shaler in 2010 In 2010, he was in the news as the organizer of the Berlin Love Parade techno festival. 21 people died and more than 500 were injured in a clash at the event. Shaler security said that the situation at the entrance of the festival grounds was tense and that Shaler security could not stop the people entering the cave.

Schaller denied the wrongdoing and pointed to the city’s recognition of his security concept.

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