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It has been confirmed by Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi white Twitter has a new update coming Gran Turismo 7 this week, it says the “25th Anniversary Update”.

The confirmation comes in the form of a teaser that shows some of the new stuff coming to the game in very subtle lighting effects – the now famous “silhouette” style.

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As we have seen throughout GT7The life of a man, with one, three vehicles in the image but no indication of other details. The nearest date of the week starting on November 21 has also been confirmed:

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All three cars in the series are fairly easy to identify at this point. On the left-hand corner we have the new-to-series – and highly requested – Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, delivered by the great “weletail” dealer. It’s not clear if it’s the “base” model or the enhanced RS500 from a styling angle.

Below is the Nissan Silvia S14, with defined ridges indicating a later “Kouki” car and a rear spoiler suggesting an “Aero” model. This returning car will sit next to the “Zenki” that was previously introduced in the game.

The top-right car is more difficult to identify, but it appears to be a new-to-the-series car: the F87 generation BMW M2. Again it’s not clear from the image alone if it’s the original M2 or the M2 Competition that replaced it in 2019.

As usual, we don’t know what other information and features this update will bring besides these three cars, although the name “25th Anniversary” may change the fans to some thoughts .

Of course, Gran Turismo won’t be 25 years old until December 23rd of this year, so the update is a month early to carry that brand. This means that we may not see a special update in December, but it is said that there is more in this update to mark the benchmark.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen new track updates, the latest being the Catalunya variants, and only Watkins Glen arrives as an all-new venue. With the 2022 Gran Turismo World Series World Final coming up again this week, it’s a good time to promote the game with a new circuit.

Fans are still waiting for a key gameplay feature, which Yamauchi announced in the game’s early world roadmap in March: buying cars. It hasn’t seen the light of day yet, it’s certainly not far away.

Although there is no specific date for the update yet, it will probably arrive on the schedule of the last Thursday of the month. Of course we can expect it on November 24, which is Thanksgiving in America and the first day of the Gran Turismo World Finals. Check this space for more information!

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