Gravitilab Announces World First for Space Tech

GraviLab announced a world first for Space Tech

Microgravity service using UAV technology


Innovative leaders in space engineering, Gravitilab Aerospace Services Ltd, have announced a first for microgravity research and testing.

At the UAV test site Pridanac Airfield in Cornwall, the company has engineered the first commercial microgravity service using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, paving the way for a new era of microgravity access.

This revolutionary trial, which will open up the world of microgravity research to a new market, has been commissioned by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership to support their ambition to drive innovation in the UK space industry and lead UK space and aerospace delivery. Services.

GravityLab’s UAV solution ascended to 2,000 feet and released the payload in their patented ‘LOUIS’ drop-pod, achieving microgravity time – the world’s first to create a continuous microgravity environment using a UAV system.

Today’s development is a move to shift industries from cosmetics to satellites, enabling timely and cost-effective access to zero-gravity environments.

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Gravity-free environments offer superior research and testing conditions that have proven scientific and commercial benefits. Making microgravity more accessible enables Gravitilab to serve diverse R&D scenarios in industries such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, building materials, communications, spacetech and climate science.

Rob Adlard, chief executive and technical director of GravityLab, said: “This is a great collaborative achievement for GravityLab, the Cornwall Space Cluster and the UK space industry as a whole.”

“Until now, the only option for terrestrial microgravity testing is to wait several years for a drop tower in Germany to provide two seconds of microgravity. Our service is locally deliverable, cost effective and due to our demonstration flight we are on target to deliver 5 to 20 seconds of high quality microgravity using our LOUIS UAV system.

Gail Eastow, Director of the Cornwall Space Cluster, said: “We are delighted to be able to support this world first success with a microgravity experiment from Cornwall. The Cornwall Space Cluster exists to unlock innovation in the space and aerospace sector and companies like GraviLab are paving the way for the industry’s future.

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GraviLab, which is currently in talks with new investors, has been funded by the UK Space Agency and private equity. The company is committed to leveraging its innovative technology to open up its supply chain to support the seamless growth of the space economy. Its ‘Space as a Service’ sits at the heart of the UK’s space strategy and brings significant business benefits to a wide range of clients.

Media Inquiries:

GraviLab: Annabelle Clementson +447951786435 / [email protected]
Georgia Jaggs, Customer Director, Cornwall Space Cluster; [email protected]

About Gravitlab

Gravitilab Aerospace Services Ltd is a space engineering company providing specialist research, testing and qualification services to the UK and worldwide. Gravitilab uses proprietary technology of hybrid powered subbital rockets, drop pods and an innovative loading system to facilitate flexible access to specialized areas. It is completing its initial development phases, seeking funding to operate its business services and fuel growth.

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Trading since 2019, Gravitilab has surpassed many milestones yet to be reached by more established space companies. These achievements include the development of the UK’s own atmospheric launch vehicles, the construction of an in-house hybrid engine test facility and commercial atmospheric launches. The company’s intellectual property assets include rocket designs, propulsion systems, recovery systems and many data and process insights. GraviLab has established relationships with well-established bodies and institutions including the UK’s chief space regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority and the UK and European space agencies. It has built a pipeline of dozens of prospective clients in the commercial, defense and academic sectors in the UK and overseas.

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