How to enable Stadia Controller Bluetooth mode

How to enable Stadia Controller Bluetooth mode

However, Google has pulled the plug on its Stadia cloud gaming platform. Refunds to early adopters and players who purchased hardware and software during the run. If like us you’ve been left with unused controllers, you’ll be happy to know that even though Google has stopped supporting the streaming service, it has released an update for its Stadia wireless controllers so you can use as an administrator with your PC, Mac. , game consoles, phones and more. Unfortunately, the ability for your Stadia controller to be used as a standalone Bluetooth device is not automatic, and you’ll need to do some quick work to activate Stadia Controller Bluetooth mode.

This quick guide will take you through the process and Google will provide an update as well December 31, 2023. After today you won’t be able to turn your Stadia controller into a Bluetooth device and you’ll want to use it as a mobile controller from your favorite gaming device. As you would expect Google does not offer customer support for Stadia Controllers in Bluetooth mode.

You can switch to Bluetooth mode, view administrator mode, and check for Bluetooth updates until December 31, 2023.“says Google.

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Switch the lab controller to Bluetooth mode

To turn your Stadia controller into a dedicated Bluetooth controller you must use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers to update your controller. “Switch your Stadia Controller to Bluetooth mode to keep gaming wireless on your favorite devices and services after Stadia is closed.“Also note that when you switch your controller to Bluetooth mode, you can’t switch to use Wi-Fi in Stadia but you can still play mobile and USB mode with Bluetooth.

Enable Stadia controller Bluetooth mode

Stadia Controller Bluetooth Mode 1

1. Visit website or in Google Chrome or Windows Edge browser

2. Plug in your Stadia Manager to your computer using a USB data cable and make sure your controller has been charged for at least 30 minutes

3. Follow the instructions on the screen and when you are ready Switch to Bluetooth modejust press the Start button.

4. The the update process should take about 3 minutes to complete and transfer is permanent.

5. In the process the browser will verify the authorization by confirming with Submit Chrome/Ethe to verify the button

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6. Follow the on-screen prompts to unlock your controller’s firmware.

7. Use the combination of presses provided by Google to unlock your controller.

8. Download the controller firmware update in your browser

9. Install the update by selecting your device which can be listed as SP Blank RT Family, Stadia Controller or USB composite device.

10. Once done you are ready to use your new Stadia Bluetooth controller with other devices.

Stadia Controller Bluetooth Mode 1

Connect a Stadia controller via Bluetooth

1. Once you have your Stadia controller in Bluetooth mode to connect to your devices simply press and hold the Y + Stadia buttons on your controller for two seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. Once you enter the mode, the status light will turn orange.

2. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the device you want to connect to your Stadia controller and see if it’s listed under devices ready to pair.

3. Once the stadia power light is connected it will turn white.

4. You are now ready to play your favorite games using your new Stadia controller.

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Revisiting the controller buttons

Once your Stadia controller is connected to your favorite gaming device you can remap the buttons to match your play style for your favorite games. It’s also worth noting that by default the Google Assistant and Capture buttons are completely inactive until they’re clicked.


Unfortunately, although your Stadia controller will be compatible with most Bluetooth devices, the device uses Bluetooth Low Energy connections, so some features, such as audio transfer, are not possible wirelessly. Supported operating systems are Windows 10 and 11 + Steam, MacOS 13 + Steam, ChromeOS and Android.

If you need help switching your Stadia controller to its new Bluetooth mode, jump over to the official Google and Stadia websites by following the links below.

Source: Google: Stadia

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