HOZON Auto launches ‘Haozhi’ global technology brand

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- HOZON Auto, the Chinese startup that owns the new electric vehicle (NEV) brand NETA, launched a major international technology brand, named “Haozhi” in Chinese, on November 21, which represents and the company has entered a new competitive era where technological systems. is specified.

Three sub-brands of the Haozhi brand revolve around a highly intelligent computer platform, an electric drive system, and a range extension system, and many new technology products were launched at the same time.

Haozhi Super Computer

To achieve high-level automotive intelligence, automakers must transform the distributed electronics/electrical architecture (EEA) into a standalone one. The Haozhi mainframe is based on a software architecture that can integrate four domain controllers and SOA (service-oriented architecture). Compatible with models built on different vehicle platforms, the new software platform is expected to be installed in all vehicles by 2024.

HOZON Auto launches global technology brand 'Haozhi'

Haozhi super computer network; photo credit: NETA

Boasting computing power of up to 1,000 TOPS, Haozhi’s core computing platform supports Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities that integrate intelligent driving functions and smart cockpits. With 8-64GB + 1TB internal storage, the new laptop can store a lot of data including high-definition maps, audio and video entertainment, important data in the car, etc. away. 8-megapixel cameras to show panoramic views, side, front, rear, and internal inspection.

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In addition, Haozhi’s massive computing platform will continuously engage with user behavior and deliver tailored services thanks to its self-learning capabilities. Powered by 5G TBOX, it enables cloud-based communication with high bandwidth and low latency, fast OTA upgrade, cloud-based deep learning, and algorithm change.

The super computer Haozhi will be released in two versions, the 1.0 will be used in the updated version of the NETA S, while the 2.0 will power the models that ride on the NETA’s next platform.

Haozhi Electric Drive

Under the Haozhi Electric Drive sub-brand, HOZON Auto launched a high-performance 800V SiC electric drive system consisting of three parts: a SiC electric control unit, an oil-cooled flat wire electric motor, and a high-speed gear reduction gear. . Featuring a three-in-one design and an industry-leading coolant circulation system, the system is expected to be installed on vehicles next year.

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HOZON Auto launches global technology brand 'Haozhi'

Haozhi 800V SiC high voltage drive system; photo credit: NETA

According to the company, the Haozhi 800V SiC electric drive system is available for both 400V and 800V platforms, and it can deliver a vehicle of 200km with a 5-minute charge. Its electric motor can pump out 250kW and 420 N·m, and work at a maximum rotational speed of 21,000rpm. Depending on the system, the electric vehicle (EV) can zip from 0-100km/h in 3 seconds with reduced power by 5-8 decibels.

HOZON Auto announced that it has secured the advanced R&D capability of the 800V SiC electric drive system. The manufacturer said it will offer 135kW-270kW electric drive systems and electric drive systems in the future.

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Haozhi Range Extender

The Haozhi three-in-one extension range has four technical characteristics, namely, a compact design, lower cost, better efficiency, and less noise. With a size of 5-10% smaller than other range extenders of the same level, it can be installed in coupe models such as the NETA S, making more demands on the arrangement of the lower area .

HOZON Auto launches global technology brand 'Haozhi'

Haozhi extended range; photo credit: NETA

The new range extender launched four power solutions: all-electric, driven by the range extender and battery charger, driven by the range extender and batteries, and the “Safe Guard”.

Most importantly, using the “Safety Guard” mode, the range extender works independently to ensure driving safety in the event of power failure, extreme low temperature, or battery failure. and delivery, and other special features.


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