IBM released the latest Osprey quantum computing chip: with 433 qubits

With its new Osprey 433-qubit processor, IBM has unveiled the world’s largest supercomputer. More than three times more powerful than its predecessor, Eagle, with 127 qubits, Osprey is the world’s largest computer. This quantum computer was expected to be unveiled in 2022, and it has been achieved, showing IBM’s efforts to reach the 4000-qubit mark by the end of 2025.

IBM is one of the great pioneers in quantum computing. In addition to the processing power, Osprey is also introducing improvements to the cable system. “We are working with a new high-definition transmission system and flexible wiring to increase cable density by 70 percent and reduce the cost per wire by five times,” IBM said.

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The company also guarantees that the new processor will be more accurate in error correction, which is one of the problems of quantum computing. Now the blocking mechanism can be configured by adjusting the optimization level of the quantum computer. If the Eagle’s 127-qubit quantum processor is already thought of, the advances with its successor are even more impressive.

IBM will prepare a 4,000-qubit quantum supercomputer by 2025

Quantum computing uses the fundamental nature of matter at the subatomic level to achieve greater computing power than conventional computers. With Osprey’s announcement at IBM’s Quantum Summit 2022, the company is aiming to achieve its goal of building a quantum computer with 4,000 qubits by 2025.

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By 2023, IBM plans to introduce to the world the Condor processor with 1,121 quantum bits, which is about 10 times the computing power of Eagle. Also in 2023, IBM plans to introduce the Heron processor with 133 qubits of computing power. Heron’s main difference is its power tool that allows communication between two different types of processors.

The communication between the detectors can reach 4000 qubits

Since the creation of Heron, IBM has produced various processors up to a supercomputer with more than 4,000 qubits. According to the company’s schedule, the Crossbill with 408 qubits, in a combination of three chips, and the Flamingo with 462 qubits of processing power will be unveiled in 2024.

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Based on the information system developed in Heron, IBM is planning to create a 4,000-qubit processor from the communication of three different types of processors. If the company succeeds with its plans, it will be possible to change the computer in 2025.


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