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Independent Transport – I’ve just spent the last 3 days finishing up the work I’ve been doing on the map, hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow, then I’ll have to test every detail and if I’m happy enough with it I’ll probably post it.

About trailers: I’m using Bora’s SCS trailerpack as a base (although I made new skins for it), MarcDO’s Pacton and Schwarzmüller, HomerS’s D-Tec, I recently tried FredBe’s trailerpack (just had to make new skins, my favorite) – mostly these are the ones I use.

Independent Transport

Ok thanks, announcements for Marc DO are missing from my list. I really hate driving standard SCS trailers

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It’s been a long time. I have a bunch of pictures (again) of my new truck, a Volvo FH540 similar to the other one, only this one has a different chassis. I had to change for technical reasons.

Great photos! May I ask what snow/weather mod you are using? I have looked at various mods for this purpose…

Thanks, I’m using Frosty Winter Weather by Grimes, you can find it here, I think it’s the best winter mod right now.

I love harbor and seascapes, so I think the Hamburg pictures are some of my personal favorites

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I updated my truck a bit with a change to the Volvo logo and other minor design changes, and then attached one of our trailers to take some promotional photos. A TMS or Transportation Management System is an online platform that allows logistics companies to use it. simplifies the delivery process in several ways. Simply put, a TMS enables carriers to begin their digital transformation by automating their vital operations and obtaining critical information that helps save time and reduce future deliveries. From quote generation to last-mile logistics, traffic management systems can help carriers optimize all aspects of their operations. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the best traffic management software that is taking the freight industry by storm.

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TMS is one aspect of digitization that often goes beyond reducing delivery costs. The digitization of transportation operations with the help of traffic management systems allows shippers to move smoothly, safely and cost-effectively from place A to place B. The huge need for automation and technological innovation culminated in the birth of this new class of e-conveyors.

With a TMS, players in this industry can plan and execute the shipping process while providing near end-to-end visibility. However, the implementation of digitization with the help of TMS requires significant investments in the creation of a decent IT infrastructure and staff training.

It has become abundantly clear that the freight industry must make the best use of available technology to meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers. Although the implementation of technological changes and adaptation to digitization is a difficult and long-term process, all companies operating in our industry must sooner or later adopt it in order to remain relevant in the industry

Pcm Standard In Public Transport

Globalia Logistics Network has released a TMS called FreightViewer, which all members can use for free. The goal is to provide members with the opportunity to keep up with the digitization of the industry. This state-of-the-art fare management software helps strengthen the digital infrastructure of network members. provides a standardized platform for members to submit/request quotes, share documents and even exchange fares with offline partners.

FreightViewer handles all quoting activities in one channel, greatly improving agent operational efficiency. In addition, it shortens loan times, eliminates manual errors, increases online visibility, and streamlines steps associated with shipping operations.

Companies such as Freightos, Icontainers, Flexport and Cargowise are some of the innovators in the digitization of shipping processes. However, Globalian FreightViewer offers something that none of the above platforms do. Globalia is one of the best logistics networks of our time and is the first freight network whose members can generate current accurate prices, exchange rates and create a 24×7 storefront for customers without their investment. Most importantly, FreightViewer allows network members to access rates from over 195 carriers in 131 cities.

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This transportation management system is designed for freight forwarders, shippers, freight forwarders and brokers to simplify and consolidate transportation and management operations. The main advantage of this platform is that it provides broadcast visibility and uses data to make smarter decisions. Some of the additional features of this platform include cargo clearance packages, business intelligence and collaboration tools. However, many users have complained about the lack of good customer support from the company.

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Alpega is a cloud-based TMS that helps automate the logistics process and provides end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking. This TMS is suitable for unimodal, multimodal and intermodal modes of transport. Using this software enables better visibility, design and optimization, data reporting, cost reduction and mobile solutions. Some of the areas where this software can be used are warehouse space booking, freight procurement and reusable packaging management.

This digital supply chain solution is aimed at a variety of industries, including logistics, retail, omnichannel integration and technology companies. With Blue Yonder TMS, logistics companies can improve visibility of end-to-end shipping processes, simplify transportation costs and digitize freight consolidations. In addition, it helps companies create a digitized ecosystem that improves their overall functionality with the help of AI-powered tools.

With this TMS, shipping companies can optimize and streamline their operations in several ways. It helps centralize operations, reduce transportation costs, and coordinate multimodal shipments. Additionally, its integration with E2open’s Global Logistics Orchestration application enables real-time shipment visibility.

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Oracle’s TMS called Transport Management Cloud is a supply chain management platform that includes a user interface and many features to streamline logistics operations. Like most other TMSs, this helps optimize service levels and reduce logistics costs. In addition, Oracle TMS includes a fleet management system, automatic invoicing system, online assistant, machine learning and other useful tools.

Lineas Acquires Rotterdam Based Operator Independent Rail Partner To Strengthen Its Presence In The Dutch Market

All of the above tools can be very useful for implementing digitized logistics operations. However, most of them have an exorbitant price that is often beyond the reach of independent carriers. This is why freight forwarders like you who want to expand your business and digitize your operations should consider joining a leading logistics network like Globalia. Unlike other freight management software on the market, FreightViewer is offered to members at no additional cost. This is a big advantage considering the high cost of other lending platforms.

In addition to giving you free access to premium traffic management software, Globalia also gives you the much-needed opportunity to collaborate with partners from around the world and thus internationalize your business. It’s time to become a digital shipper and strengthen your brand!

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