Keep children away from mobile phones

It affects mental, physical health, and loneliness

Manish Gajbhiye


Nowadays, the mental and physical health of children has become a very important topic. As Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14, Lokmat Times reviews the reality of gadgets, health issues, pressure, and stress among children.

Cell phone use among children has increased, especially after school hours. Children’s mental and physical health are at risk, experts say.

Cell phones are the way to feel good. Children develop the ability to pay attention early when using cell phones. Social media apps are the source of their greatest attraction. In addition, the games played have many negative effects on the minds of children.

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It is evident that children’s excessive use of cell phones can cause them to lose focus. They often have problems with memory loss and are unable to think quickly. Earlier, children used to study for two to three hours, but now these children are distracted and cannot concentrate on their studies even for 15 to 20 minutes. They also face eye problems.

Also, parents have pressure on children about career choice. Therefore, they have to face huge challenges to survive in the cut-throat competitive environment. Mentally, children should compete with themselves, not with others. If they compete with each other they have a greater chance of improvement. On the other hand, every child is different from others, therefore, a child can achieve success in his own pace. If parents compare the child to others, then the child will begin to compare themselves to other parents, especially the facilities that parents provide to other children.

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Depression among children is an arousing condition in children and sometimes they are very sensitive to such situations. Therefore, parents should carefully observe the activities of children and should immediately take medical help from a psychologist if they notice any behavioral change in them, experts said.

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Children follow parents

Today, even parents are addicted to using mobile phones. Children model them and follow them. Children become isolated from family and friends and try to find immediate results for their efforts. Mobile search engines give them the means to get the results of their queries but in doing so, they stop thinking. It interferes with mental and physical development. These children are often overwhelmed by sadness.

– Dr. Mangesh Kadam, Consultant Psychiatrist

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