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M&w Transport – We are a company established in April 2001. We serve both domestic and overseas markets. We have refrigerated transport (Kuhltransport) and tarpaulins throughout Europe.

We always try to adapt to the needs and wants of our customers. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the subject gained through years of experience in this industry, we are able to find the best solutions.

M&w Transport

We are local, We cooperate with many foreign companies. In addition, we are constantly expanding our knowledge through various trainings and courses.

The Iaf Gets Nod To Procure 56 C 295 Mw Transport Aircraft To Replace Avro Hs 748

The greatest satisfaction and satisfaction comes from our customers who trust us and decide again to entrust their products. Transportation is not only a job for us, but also a hobby.

MW Express provides its services in European Union countries. We are from Germany. Switzerland Specializing in Holland and France. Europe has no borders for us, so we are eager to face new challenges.

Among other things, We control temperature from -30°C to +30°C; Material transport is available with 33 or 66 places on pallet (Doppelstock) and ADR loading.

3 refrigerators with 33 pallet spaces (Doppelstock, 66 pallet spaces) and pallets. They are equipped with EURO boards and a thermometer that produces thermal printing, complete with ADR equipment.

Transport Veynat: In Ganz Europa Im Herzen Der Gesellschaft Daf Trucks Deutschland Gmbh

Tractors that meet EURO 6 European emission standards; Vehicles are serviced at authorized service centers and have service contracts throughout Europe.

Due to many years of experience and many contacts in this industry, transport companies from 1.5 t to 24t tarpaulins, waffles, Along with the refrigerators, we are on board.

Thanks for monitoring the vehicles and communicating with the staff. We provide verified and up-to-date information about covered products. We also offer 7 days a week contact.

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Functionality cookies are used to function on the website. These cookies ensure an anonymous information base about the website. Need professional help planning your transportation? M&W Spedition provides domestic transport in Poland and Germany; Belgian, the netherlands France Organized international transport for 14 years in Austria and Switzerland. Our team of experienced freight forwarders are on time, We take into account all your needs, such as safety and prices, and deliver.

Textiles steel and metal products; Building materials and more. We care about your products – get in touch!

Choose the most suitable form of contact. Here is our contact information. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.

Iaf Gets Centre’s Nod To Procure C 295mw Transport Aircraft; Ageing Avros To Be Replaced

We have arranged domestic and international freight for 14 years. Our customers enjoy professional service from experienced freight forwarders; Get high quality service and the best transportation equipment suitable for the goods being transported.

Need expert help planning your move? Fill out the contact form and our freight forwarder will contact you on time, We will take into account all your needs such as security and price and work out the best solutions for you.

As a moving company based in Poland, we plan to move around Poland. We process the order immediately and start with a price that always matches the size of the product shipped.

We have small vans as well as larger trucks (up to 24 tonnes). Our fleet includes not only our own vehicles but also the cars of our proven and reliable contractors, so we can insure many trucks for a short period of time.

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The “tranzit” Group Has Installed Sherpa Testing Technology In The Western Russian City Of Smolensk

Polish industry is getting stronger every year. Domestic transport is an important part of the operations of Polish companies. As our guiding principle; We strive to meet the needs of our clients and free them from moving agencies.

M&W Spedition specializes in freight forwarding from Germany to Poland and freight forwarding from Poland to Germany. This area accounts for 85% of our business. Other export and import routes are EU countries: Belgium; Netherlands (10-15% of international carts remain).

Double driving allows new drivers to hone their skills accompanied by more experienced colleagues and learn all the customs and rules of the road. Two groups have arrived.

Until now, a driver could sleep in a taxi, but it is now prohibited in many EU countries. Heavy fines were imposed on drivers, including

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Germany Norway Austria… where is the minimum wage law for drivers of foreign companies already in force? More and more European countries are adopting minimum wages.

Today, rubber mats are commonly used for transportation. This is not without reason. A significant problem with transporting goods on a pallet is the frequent stoppage of the load. Problem This article can be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Spanish. (January 2013) Click [view] for important translation instructions.

The CASA C-295 (now Airbus C295) is a medium-sized tactical transport aircraft designed and originally produced by the Spanish aerospace company CASA.

The C-295 served as a spin-off of the successful CASA / IPTN CN-235 transport aircraft for what would begin in the 1990s. On November 28, 1997, The prototype made its first flight. It wasn’t long before it was mass-produced. In April 1999, the Spanish Air Force became its launch customer with an order for nine military configuration C-295s. Two years later, the service announced the use of the type. Further orders for C-295 will follow immediately. After CASA was merged into the pan-European EADS aerospace group in 2000; It was redesigned as the EADS CASA C-295. Mass production of this type was achieved at the same time. Most of the C-295 fighter jets are manufactured in Spain, but foreign production has been established by Indonesian Aerospace, which also has a separate contract with India’s Tata Group.

Warburtons Bäckerei Lkw Transport Lieferwagen, Lastwagen, Transport, Lkw, Frachtführer, Scania Fahrzeug, Europäische Kommerzielle Transportindustrie, M61 In Manchester, Großbritannien Stockfotografie

In addition to being used as a tactical transport vehicle, the C-295 is capable of performing a variety of missions effectively. These include parachute and cargo landing; Electronic Signals Intelligence (ELINT); Includes medical transport (MEDEVAC) and maritime surveillance. Part of the kit is mounted on a pallet allowing for quick assembly and removal to adapt the aircraft to perform different roles. Due to the lack of sales achieved by the CN-235 in the commercial aviation sector, the company was unable to implement a commercial version of the C-295 for a long time, although government agencies obtained civil certification to facilitate its use. It wasn’t until 2017 that the first civilian C-295 contract was awarded, more than a decade after military C-295s left regular service.

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C-295 to Spain; Egypt Poland Canada Brazil Various countries like Mexico and Portugal bought it. former Yugoslavia; Afghanistan Iraq He also participated in several international operations, including in Lebanon and Chad.

EADS CASA C-295 (code 16708) of the Portuguese Air Force for the Royal International Air Tattoo on July 10; Arrived at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire in 2014.

In November 1996, Spanish aerospace company CASA officially began development work on the C-295. Derived from Spanish-Indonesian transport aircraft CASA/IPTN CN-235. Its main differences are the stretchy body; A 50% increase in cargo capacity and the introduction of more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprops. On November 28, 1997, its first prototype made its first flight.

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In April 1999, the Spanish Air Force announced the first C-295 order, requesting nine military transport aircraft. In December 1999, It has been certified by both the Spanish Directorate Geral de Aviación Civil and the US Federal Aviation Administration. Delivery to the Spanish Air Force began in November 2001.

Both production and final assembly of the C-295 were typically carried out in Spain; They are made at the Airbus Defense and Space Building at San Pablo Airport in Seville.

Additional production plans have been negotiated with several customers. Since 2011, Indonesian Aerospace has been serving Indonesia through an industrial partnership with Airbus Defense & Space. They produced the CN-295 under license at their factory in Bandung.

2021 ခုနှစ်တွင်၊ ပိုမိုကြီးမားသောဝယ်ယူမှု၏တစ်စိတ်တစ်ပိုင်းအနေဖြင့်၎င်းသည် C-295s 40 အသုတ်တစ်သုတ်ကိုထုတ်လုပ်ရန်သဘောတူခဲ့သည်။

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