Nvidia DLSS for Skyrim VR improves the performance significantly

Nvidia DLSS for Skyrim VR works better

Photo: PureDark

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This Skyrim mod makes the game look sharper without lowering the frame rate, a way to make the experience more immersive.

Skyrim VR is one of the most unique, open-world ports ever made for virtual reality, and now you can add Nvidia DLSS support thanks to the generous help of a generous developer.

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Skyrim Upscaler mod is developed by PureDark and available to download from NexusMods. Flat2VR recently pointed it out and shared it via tweet, noting that it supports AMD’s FSR2 and Intel’s XeSS. The download is free but there is a Ko-Fi donation button on the mod’s page to support future work like this.

Nvidia DLSS reduces PC VR gaming requirements

Deep learning super sampling technology has been available for a long time, but it took off significantly in 2019 when Nvidia introduced Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). Using machine learning to fill in more detail from a low-resolution rendering takes the strain off the GPU working in a rich environment like Skyrim. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and Intel’s Xe Super Sampling use a similar approach.

Examples of Skyrim Upscaler and Scenery ENB settings. | Bild: PureDark

With this Skyrim VR mod, up to three GPUs are supported. PureDark said with 150% extreme samples, Scenery ENB mod can be used while reducing the graphics frame time from 16ms to 10ms. Playing at 100% full sample, the drop from 12ms to 10ms, so it is possible to play with heavier graphics settings.

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Skyrim Upscaler is working

If you want to see the mod in action before downloading, Cangar posted a YouTube video showing how it works.


It’s an amazing addition to Skyrim VR, making the game even better. It’s worth checking out if you play Skyrim VR and have a GPU capable of high-sampling.


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