Ohtani Shohei’s return to Japan prompts frenzy amongst fans

There’s a sound in Japan this winter that wasn’t there years ago.

That’s Booth. Ohtani Shohei.

The Japanese people are finally getting what they have been waiting for for six years – Ohtani in a national team jersey, at World Baseball Classic.

And two-way Los Angeles Angels A superstar is more than willing to oblige.

“I only think about the championship. I only think about winning. Samurai Japan For 8-21 March WBC, some will be held in Tokyo.

“Last time I couldn’t play and this will be my first WBC. I’m looking forward to it, I’m ready to go to work.

“As I said before, the main thing is to win. I’m happy to be part of this team and I want to go through.

“I haven’t played in Japan for a while so this is something I’m looking forward to.”

The feeling is mutual. Otani is a Japanese golden boy who can do nothing and walk on water.

The 1.93m tall figure of an athlete says the right things, does the right things and looks to go with a boyish sense of humor and personality. They were all men. no i don’t Equally created.

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This is more than what Ohtani does on the field, which is nothing short of superhuman.

Entering the prime of his career, the 28-year-old already has one American League MVP (2021) and was a finalist last season, when some felt he had a better campaign than the year he won the honor.

In 2022, Ohtani continued to put up fantasy baseball numbers. On the mound, he went 15-9 with a 2.33 ERA and 219 strikeouts — all in the AL’s top 10.

He smashed 34 home runs and 95 runs batted in while hitting .273 and 90 runs scored (and chipped in 11 stolen bases) to finish 33 games out of first place on a not-so-good Angels team.

Of course he took it from the Triple Crown area New York Yankees Slugger Aaron Judge – 62 home runs that set a new AL record – denying Ohtani a second straight MVP.

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He became the first player in history to qualify for the league’s leaderboards in both pitchers and hits in the same year. Cross Captain James T. Kirk, Otani is going where no man has gone before.

A dream sponsor, many in the industry predict an unprecedented $500 million contract next season. Major League Baseball. That’s half a billion dollars.

So Japan has good reason to be happy as its prodigal son has qualified for the WBC for the first time since 2017 due to the global pandemic. Japan won the first two editions in 2006 and 2009, which led to the explosive popularity of the tournament.

When love was on the game, Ohtani stuck to the set like the likes Ichiro And Matsuzaka Daisuke They helped their country to the championship.

Now it’s Ohtani’s turn to inspire, lead – win. The best player in all of baseball doesn’t care if he hits or hits or does both.

Ohtani just wants to win, and Japan will gladly take that. A crowd sits tight as the curtains are about to rise on ‘Showtime Japan’.

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“It was one of my dreams to play on this stage,” he said. “As soon as I was asked, I rose to it. I couldn’t play last time because I was injured, so I want to do more.

“Since I’ve been playing baseball, I’ve never finished second. I’ve never thought it was acceptable to lose. It’s natural to want to win a race that I’ve been targeting for a long time.

“I’m not someone who is guided by words, I just make sure to do what is expected of me. But at the same time, the players in this team don’t need to be told what to do.

“A good team is made up of players who understand their role. It’s important that each player does his job.

“I’ll do whatever is asked of me. As a player, I can’t control who does what. I’ll do my best no matter what.”


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