Palm Ridge entrepreneur is honoured with a certificate

After struggling to find a job after qualifying in public relations at the University of South Africa (Unisa) in 2015, a Katlehong entrepreneur is fighting unemployment through creative entrepreneurship.

Sthembele Njobo, a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Ext 3 Palm Ridge, Katlehong, was recently awarded a certificate of recognition by Inside Education after making it to the 100 South African Shining Stars 2022 under the Business and Entrepreneurship category. .

Njobo said he was nominated for his initiative called Taxi TV, which aims to advertise, target start-up companies and entrepreneurs, and highlight the successes and challenges faced by township communities on a daily basis.

He said that he is now ‘incubated’ under The Innovation Hub at eKasi Lab Kathorus.

“We are busy with the pilot idea and have almost completed everything. It is a matter of commercializing it and installing screens in taxis,’ said Njobo.

He said that Taxi TV is not only a great source of information and entertainment but also a great opportunity for freelancers and graduates to get work experience.

“I’m currently focusing on fundraising for the launch because right now it’s a pilot idea, but we want to launch it officially. In terms of financial support, I don’t have any sponsors, apart from the partnership with Innovation Hub.”

Njobo comes from an artistic background. He is a former rapper who first rose to fame with a hit single titled My Rap where he featured iFani in 2011, before switching careers to become an event strategist, TV producer, and publicist and is now a full-time digital entrepreneur.

“I was a job seeker turned job creator. In May 2016, after a year of struggling to find a job, I founded a technology-driven company to help small businesses and freelancers in Kathorus maximize their online visibility,” he said. said

He launched Nuff Media Communications (NMC) which provides data-driven social media results with an in-house media house.

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It also offers digital public relations strategy, content creation and copywriting for local SEO, paid advertising campaigns, media training, brand photography and video, SEO and crisis management.

He believes that search engine optimization guarantees success for companies and when customers search for the products or services you offer, you need to rank high.

“Google’s search algorithm is the gatekeeper between you and your customers, so you need to impress Google first.”

Njobo also mentors creative entrepreneurs through the entertainment space he set up in his Palm Ridge home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I got mentorship from different people. In return I am passing on that knowledge to those in the creative space around me,” he said.

“Entrepreneurship is a lonely place. I empower young people to embrace mental fitness. I’m rightly connecting the story of breathing through meditation. It’s an organic way to fight depression.

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Another initiative he has started is a pop-up cinema that caters to early childhood development where he introduces children to media from an early age.

He said they have partnered with filmmakers such as FDM Academy and the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) who have released films including animation.

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“We use a projector, a white backdrop and a tripod. We have created a platform to entertain children and understand storytelling right from childhood,” he said.

“It’s not just for schools. I feel that when it comes to self-development it’s wiser to use storytelling instead of just giving information in the form of books. It’s also good to use references in the form of visuals and audio and they can use it in the future. ,” he continued.

“We aim to create a digital library for children, to be able to tap into those archives.”

He said that there is a lack of sufficient platforms to deliver the products to the slums.

“My ultimate goal is to give the youth in the township a voice so they can hear their own voice through a black-owned media company from the township.”


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