Panda Express Colorado Springs

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I ordered a large orange online and when I got home it was opened to find that the box was almost empty. Very happy and will not go back to this place

Panda Express Colorado Springs

Good things: thanks to the staff who called my son cute even after seeing the tantrum for 30 minutes. The food was decent and as expected. Dog: For those of you who work hard to knock in the bathroom until I’m ready, won’t your knocking make my baby cough?

Panda Express, 2960 S Academy Blvd In Colorado Springs

The wait is furious. They mostly order online and to go which means it takes a long time to order when you walk through the store. I understand that it can be very difficult to keep up with all the online orders but they do it at the expense of the customers in the store. They should create a better system. The food is always very tasty but I can’t give a good review because I leave the place feeling frustrated every time.

It’s 5pm and I’m still nauseous from the food I ate last night. I need to know when the mushrooms are cold. Also, I’ve never seen a restaurant turn a guest away 15 minutes before closing and ask for another panda on the other side of town. I don’t feel comfortable looking them clean while we are still eating. They collected all the seats except for the three of us. The waiter sat down a few seats from us and waited for us to finish so he could free our table. Again, still 15-20 minutes before closing.

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We’re here and we used to love it but now the order is capped forget the sauces forget it… the rice is greasy greasy and dirty chicken and the paper goes on and on… I really like Panda but this site has ruined me and my family. There is better food out there for your money, pick places.

The woman came in to buy my Beijing beef and what I got was a strange taste with vegetables, even with the Beijing alphabet written on the takeout box. They also didn’t give my wife the sauce for the teriyaki chicken plate she got. Make too many mistakes, it is worth avoiding this place and going to another part of the road.

Panda Express, 6316 S U.s. Hwy 85 87, Fountain, Co 80817, Usa

This place is in decline. we have been going to Panda Express for many years and were the first guests at Panda in New Center Point when it opened. We will not return. Most of the time, the staff provide round meals, which are large enough and reasonably priced. A girl who clearly gives a spoon that is in the bottom, more than 3/4 or half a spoon. My wife took pictures of our son’s food prepared by someone else and my wife prepared by the new daughter. My wife looks like someone who ate her food. When we took it to someone to watch Melissa called and argued and said before that the staff brought too much food, then she changed it and said that they ran out of food until they could for them to ration. Distribution? They never guess the price. It’s the same price for LESS FOOD! He said that is what they will do from now on. There are many moms & shops in China who are healthy and want to do business rather than supporting the big national chains who want to be free with theirs. When they knew we were going to complain they refused to give us a receipt. Anyway, when the store at Centennial started offering small spoons, we stopped going there many years ago.

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1) I walked into the store, the order line went to the door and people couldn’t get in. There are 6 people waiting and no one to help them. The three girls at the counter try to get deep and take it slow because the counter is small and poorly designed. This is a straight line instead of a location for all employees. The store desperately needs if not two at least one more. This store always has horrible employees who make the whole store a nightmare. 2. Chow the main stream. It tasted terrible. 3. I ordered teriyaki chicken and it was dry. There are no fish for him or in the little box. I only had pink sugar fish. I won’t come to this store for a while. I might stop for a year or two to see if there is any progress. Now I am very disappointed. The management should take care of their employees and give them opportunities to work in a better environment. It really requires a lot of maintenance which can take months if not years to get the desired results. How the food is prepared, how it is packaged, how the order is processed and processed, customer service and the store.

When you are in Colorado Springs and you are looking for a good place for Chinese food stop by Panda Express for the best food in town. Find our recipes and choose a soup for example, you will be happy to make it. Call us at (719) 574-3126 and join us for a great meal.

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