Pfizer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Silverstein Properties and Azrieli Group Honored by the America-Israel Friendship League at its Annual Gala

Aifl Honors CEOs and Leaders of Prime Pharma and Real Estate Companies That Strengthen Economic and Business Relations Between Israel and United States

NEW YORK, Nov. 2 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For two decades, the American-Israel Friendship League (“AIFL”) has annually honored business and civic leaders from United States and Israel for its contribution to strengthening economic and business ties between the two countries.

This year, the Kenneth J. Bialkin Leadership Award was presented to Pfizer Inc., and its CEO, Dr. Albert Bourla, and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, and its CEO Kåre Schultz. The Partners for Democracy Award is being awarded to Danna AzrieliAzrieli Group Chairman, and Lisa Silverstein and Tal Kerret, Vice Chairman and President of Silverstein Properties.

“51 years ago, AIFL undertook a mission to improve relations between people United States and Israel by focusing their efforts on understanding and awareness of the common foundation of the people of the two countries,” he said Jonathan Barsade, AIFL President. Barsade continued to say that “we are honored to bring together the recipients of this year’s award, which is a prime example of the similarities and close relations between the two countries, and how these similarities work not only for the stakeholders of the organization, but also. the people of both countries, and the world generally”.

“In our lives and in our work, we’re all about building community,” he said Lisa Silverstein and Tal Kerret, Vice Chairman and President of Silverstein Properties, developer and owner of the World Trade Center and other landmark properties in the United States. They continued to explain that “America and Israel are our homes, and we will continue to do everything we can to strengthen the ties between both countries, and bring America and Israel together to build a better future for our children.”

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“Born in Canadaeducated in the US and having made Aliyah to Israel more than 20 years ago, I am truly a product of all these countries,” he said. Danna Azrieli. “As the Chairman of the Azrieli Group that manages and operates a global company and builds beautiful buildings on an international scale, I have learned that there is really more that unites people from different backgrounds than what separates us. as a leader of the business community in Israelhave a great responsibility to keep an open mind in everything we do and to support our relationship with our friends in America.”

“Israel has given the world great hope during the pandemic by providing real-world data on our COVID-19 vaccine,” said Dr. Albert BourlaCEO of Pfizer, Inc. Dr. Bourla continued to explain that “Our country’s excellent health system, sharing of digitized medical records and expertise in crisis management allow them to quickly administer vaccines and share data with the world that shows the significant impact of vaccines in preventing severe disease and death.”

mr. Kåre Schultz, President and CEO of Teva explained that “Teva is very proud to have led the successful operational efforts of the national Covid-19 vaccine launch in Israel. With our advanced technology, unmatched supply chain and distribution capabilities and committed employees, we are able to lead this life-saving project that has contributed to vaccination efforts in Israel and served as a model around the world. It is our mission to improve the lives of patients around the world and we believe that everyone should have access to quality medicines whether it is to manage disease, fight infection, or just improve health in general.

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The transformation of AIFL in recent years has allowed the organization to communicate, to a wider audience, its mission is the bond between Israel and United States which are rooted in common principles and trust form the basis for true friendship,” he added Eric GertlerAIFL Chairman, “At the same time, AIFL has expanded many ways that reveal the beautiful parts of Israel United Statesincluding culture, art, food, music, history and more.”

“Our two organizations, the AIFL and the American-Israeli Friendship League (Israel), practice what we preach,” the Ambassador said. Dan Gillerman, Chairman of the American-Israeli Friendship League (Israel). Gillerman said that these “two different organizations focus on similarities rather than differences in order to work together and promote the mission of creating friendship between our two countries, through education, and familiarization, showcasing and discussion, personally and remotely. .” Gillerman says that “we manage to show what a complex but beautiful mosaic this creates, a mosaic that forms a common bond of true friendship”.

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About AIFL

For more than 50 years, the American-Israel Friendship League has been building and mobilizing grassroots support for Israel. United States and strengthen the relationship between the two countries through people-to-people activities. AIFL increased the bond of friendship between us United States and Israel by involving and educating people of all ages, beliefs, ethnic backgrounds and political orientations to better understand the common foundation of the two countries, both built on the principles of democracy, free speech, protection of individual rights and the quest for knowledge. and innovation. This common bond sustains deep and long-lasting friendships.

AIFL continues the vision of its founder, which seeks to promote strong and lasting friendship and cooperative bonds between America and Israel by increasing America’s understanding of the contemporary Israeli story – entrepreneurship, culture, medical research, agricultural technology, environmental protection initiatives. and many more. This is a story that extends beyond the traditional focus on geopolitical affairs and is unknown to most Americans. Broadening this lens enhances America’s understanding of Israel and Israelis, the relationship between the people of these two countries, and the bond of long-term friendship and support for Israel.

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