R&m Transport

R&m Transport – The IGS Group has been operating two liquefied gas (LNG) vehicles since 2018. This reduces fuel consumption by up to 15% compared to comparable diesel vehicles. It also reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 60% and soot particle emissions by up to 99% (manufacturer data).

The technical experts of the IGS Group have investigated the possibility of using other environmentally friendly energy sources. This question also addresses factors such as the availability of service stations and whether the vehicle is suitable for local and/or long-distance transportation.

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R&m Transport

Most of the other vehicles that IGS uses intermodally for road pre-routing and road transport are Euro 6 compliant. In particular, the Group uses vehicles with the latest design, sound insulation and quiet operation, and constantly improves the optimization of the driver’s consumption awareness.

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The reliability of the entire transportation chain often depends on the first and last mile. To ensure efficient route planning, IGS Group cargo managers use the latest route planning and scheduling software at each location. This not only enables efficient use of vehicles, but also provides a track-and-trace tool for planners, allowing them to compare their actual location with current traffic conditions to proactively address potential delays. I can do it. The result is more reliable delivery and, in fact, more environmentally friendly.

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