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SCUF operator's hands

Gamers who want to keep their thumbsticks in check may want a new tool launched by the team at SCUF. The new SCUF operator’s hands It is available in three variants offering Tactic, Catalyst, and Pulse. Players can customize their controller to their needs. Priced from $10-$20, new executive thumb drives are available for purchase directly from the official SCUF website and online stores such as Amazon.

“The new thumbsticks give a player the SCUF thumbstick experience for added performance and a stronger grip, regardless of the type of controller they use. The SCUFs International Trustees brings the existing controllers closer to a higher level, so that the players can understand the precision, accuracy and movements of the SCUF thumb, according to their control.

SCUF operator's hands

Thumbs up

Strategy a pattern in the shapes found on the SCUF operator’s thumbs that have provided professional and competitive players around the world with additional performance, comfort and grip for many years. The technique comes in 2 types (concave and domed) 3 colors (black, red, and blue) and 2 lengths (short and tall). Light Gray Universal Thumbstick Grips will also be available in early 2023.

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Creator inspired by past designs to give customers the taste of past managers. It has a grooved design that allows your fingers to rest comfortably in the thumb recess and is attached to the sides of the recess, so that the fingers do not slide out of the desired position.

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Smoke release SCUF download in classic thumbstick style. It’s a bi-directional design that means the fingers sit in the thumb recess, or on the side where your fingers rest on the thumb.

“The launch of our Universal Thumbstick Grips is a reflection of our commitment to giving all gamers the ability to experience the SCUF effect,” said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Marketing at CORSAIR. . “With this new release, you can take advantage of the movement and gameplay by simply updating your previous controller.”

Source: SCUF

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