The Stem Projector Is Kano Computing’s Awesome New Palm-Sized Device

Kano Computing is the company behind the Stem Player, a strange puck-shaped device that looks like a fleshy object. The engine lets you manipulate parts of songs in real time by swiping up and down. The creation of the device was closely associated with Kanye West, now known as Ye, who has hit many milestones. Now, Kano Computing has created another tool (nothing to do with Ye): the Book Maker.

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The Device

The Stem Projector is another small circular device shaped like a puck, also made of tissue-like material, although it is slightly larger than the Player. The Projector, just like the Player, is controlled by haptic, touch-sensitive controls in a ring with six buttons that can be used.

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The device has many advantages, such as a 256GB drive, which can be expanded thanks to the microSD card slot on the machine. In addition, the Stem Projector has a mini-HDMI port, which can be used for gaming consoles. However, it also supports Wi-Fi and mobile connections such as Chromecast and AirPlay, allowing you to stream directly from your phone.

Unlike some lesser programs, it has a battery that lasts four to five hours at full brightness during continuous use, and can watch a lot of content on a single charge. Additionally, according to Alex Klein, CEO of Kano Computing, the Stem Projector will come with some preloaded content — though no one knows exactly what that content will look like.

vaccine stem projector


The Stem Projector is not the most expensive device but compared to some very short throws. It comes in at $600 and will be available for pre-order soon. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t shine there. Up to 300 lumens or 150 ANSI lumens. For a good comparison, Samsung’s smaller projector, the Freestyle, measures 240 ANSI lumens, which is pretty dim. The advantage over the Stem Projector is its battery.

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Computer Vaccine

Kano Computing has a big plan. Now that they have created their Player and released their Project, they want to see if they can “unify” everything in people’s lives. From accessories to clothing to food. “We see the potential to integrate the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the tools you use, and even the places you live into one system, combine, create.”

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According to Klein, “Imagine if that could be combined with the size and fit of your clothes, the right nutritional balance of your diet.” Whether they will get this right is yet to be seen, especially since Kano Computing is a small company compared to many tech giants in the world. However, the plan is ambitious but exciting to look at.

An idea for highly advanced systems has been floating around the sci-fi community for decades. A utopian world where everything is orderly and unified. And of course it’s very simple… So let’s see how everything works with Kano Computing trying to put everything together.

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What do you think of Kano Computing’s latest project?


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