The Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Game of the year

It’s you possible let’s say 2022 is a dark year for games.

Even though we’re more than two years into the PS5 and Xbox Series X lifecycles, there are only a few games you can call next-gen, and even fewer that haven’t yet. released on previous device generations. . At the moment, the big titles like this Starfield a The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm They were surprised to arrive in 2022, and they slipped into that year. The lack of E3 proper for the second year running didn’t affect the games that came out, but then there was the industry’s lack of excitement from the summer.

However, we can’t forget the February wave of 2022, when it finally arrives as one of the best games ever made in code, and our game of the year by a long shot. Nintendo also had a solid year, and even without Mario and Zelda, Microsoft’s Game Pass service is great value, and there are a lot of amazing games coming out of the indie scene all the time because of it. of AAA games in The second half of the year is no big deal. We also got the Steam Series this year, which changed our relationship with older games in our PC library.

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Not always, maybe, but far from the year to write for release, can’t wait to see what 2023 brings to our thumbs and fingers. But for now, let’s celebrate the best interactive entertainment of 2022.

Game of the year: Elden Ring

Elden Ring hero is the best game 2022

Elden Ring it’s much more than an open world Dark souls. This is an open-world game for those who are fed up with open-world games, for those who are fed up with their hand-held, tower-scale and action games. Elden Ring The first open-world game of this scale since Heart of the Wild relies heavily on you to go out and do your own thing.

And what are the wonders of the lands in between. You will die. A lot – it comes with the territory in a FromSoftware game. But the beauty of Elden Ring That, unlike the Spirits The games that paved the way for that, put it on a boss that never dies. If you are in trouble, you can go ahead and explore. Select a point on your map, get on your horse and save the empty nest for another event.

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We could talk for days about the fantastic combat, the wide variety of gameplay that the game allows, the intricate world architecture, the unique NPCs, the mysterious stories and the awesome boss fights. But it’s the best Elden Ring, this great work of open-world RPG we spent this year like nothing else, everyone has their own experiences. One of the most important.

Highly Commended: God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is highly praised as the best game 2022

2018’s God of War The modern idea of ​​a forgotten hack and slash series hasn’t been that big since the PS2 days. Not only did the combat become more intense and cinematic, but the game told us a very interesting and deeply human story about the planet and its legacy and the sadness that resulted from one of the victories. much of the PS4.

The story will never have the same effect, and it is true that the opening hours of God of War Ragnarok feel less familiar. But in the end it became clear that it was a bigger game, a more ambitious game than the previous one. Kratos is the perfect character to control and watch, flitting between slicing up mythical beasts and worrying about his son’s anger in a seemingly exhausting way. It’s rare here that the quality doesn’t flow, whether you’re playing the game or watching it. In a year starved of high-budget AAA products, God of War Ragnarok It was the winter shelter we needed.

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Big thanks to: Stray, OlliOlli World, Return to Monkey Island

Well-written Everybody Wants a Cat, and a memorable cyberpunk meow-em-up, Strayit takes very little to change our minds. OlliOlli World a wonderful cartoon board game that we still play today, and Return to Monkey Island we had a lot of laughs at other games this year. The popular series is still fresh.

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