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There are a few things you can customize on your iPhone’s status bar other than showing or hiding the battery percentage indicator. You can’t choose different fonts or choose a vibrant color, but there is a secret trick that will make every text bold.

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If you go to Settings -> Display & Brightness, you’ll see an option to “Text Settings,” but this is a system-wide setting, so most text you’ll see on your iPhone will courage and turn it on. . That’s not good if you want to bold the text on your official site.

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Instead, go to Settings -> Permissions -> Per-App Settings, and tap “Add App.”

Find and select “Home Screen,” which will open the Home Screen’s per-app settings.

Next, find the “Write Word” option. Click on that, and select “Yes.” Unlike the Bold Text feature mentioned above, this one applies to the Home Screen, not the entire system. For some reason, the status bar is tied to the Home Screen settings, so when you bold the Home Screen, you also bold the text in the status bar.

On the Home Screen, you’ll see a big difference between non-bold and bold text on the status bar.

The words in the status bar appear in bold anywhere, like other apps when visible, including on the Lock Screen, Notification Center, Control Center, App Store, and Smart Search. Time and wireless transmission are the main things that are confident. The status bar icons will not look different if there is no text in them, such as when using the battery percentage in the battery icon.

Using bold text for your status bar affects everything else on your iPhone, so don’t be surprised if the words and numbers aren’t too thin for other UI elements.

Text on your Home Screen is bold, including app, folder, and widget names, as well as text in some app icons (such as Calendar). The text also changes for quick actions. Text in widgets may change on a widget basis. For example, battery percentages appear in bold, but text in Music Calls and Messages does not. You can hide app names and folder names to avoid bold text for those if you have trouble.

While the words in Smart Search won’t be affected, they will look bold for notifications on your Lock Screen and Notification Center, for some widgets in your Today View, and in the App Library.

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