Thorntons Motorcycle Sales

Thorntons Motorcycle Sales – The 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber features an adjustable single seat, Softail-style monoshock suspension, and a 1200cc liquid-cooled high-torque parallel twin (HT) that delivers 77 horsepower and 78 ft-lbs of torque.

“Despite its looks, the Bobber offers a surprisingly lively ride and smooth handling, which is the main reason we named it 2017 Cruiser of the Year.” – Cycling world

Thorntons Motorcycle Sales

While the quarter-mile time for the Bobber is hard to keep up with, and unfortunately print magazines haven’t tested the production machines much on the drag strip, we hear the Bobber has a 0-60 mph time. It runs for 3.6 seconds and the quarter to 105 mph in 12.5 seconds. It’s probably not a bad time for a production bobber, but Jody Milhouse of England’s Thornton Hundred Motorcycles wants his bobber to be faster, faster…

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Jodi says the bike has always been a personal ride, showing it off at shows and tours.

“However, cycling has become an addiction and from there I work day and night to make it faster, look better and most importantly attract people!”

The Bobber got the Thornton Hundred treatment and more: a Rotrex C15 supercharger, NOS dry injection, a TTS engine case, forged pistons, a modified camshaft, an upgraded clutch and even a new engine after the old one blew up. A week before Goodwood:

“You can imagine the blood, skin and tears it took to get that new engine running and working 4 days a week! Luckily we had some successes at Goodwood!

Thornton Hundred Motorcycles Create Custom Quad Lock Mount For Triumph

Speaking of successful runs, the “WFB” (the world’s fastest bobber) ran the NOS 130m E/T (video below) in 10.49 seconds – two seconds faster than the stock car! Hoping for 170 mph on the bike with a few NOS, it’s not over yet!

. Image Design Custom, the leading British paint and design house, has produced a range of stunning paint jobs – a nod to the roots of cycling.

Do you want to see this amazing device in real life? Thornton Hundred is building their new headquarters and looking forward to meeting more of their fans as restrictions are eased:

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“Our vacation rentals are perfect for a year-end move – much needed due to our rapid expansion. Rest assured it’s going to be a big opening night for the holidays!”

Going, Going, Gone! World’s Fastest Bobber Sells For £38k

Below you will find full details of the “World’s Fastest Winning Bobber” and photos from Matt Kinley (@unparalleldtwin) at Caffeine & Machine about Thornton Hundred’s first demo engine of the freshly painted WFB!

This bike will always be my bike, so it has to be the best from the get-go – it’s going to be the bike I show and ride. It must have caught people’s attention. However, the bike became an addiction and since then I’ve been working day and night to get faster, better and above all crowd! Since the environment is crazy, it will certainly work!

The engine features a Rotrex C15 supercharger, NOS dry injection, TTS designed bearings, modified pistons, a modified camshaft, upgraded clutch and now a Thornton Hundred signature that gets a new engine.

The engine blew a week for Goodwood – you can imagine the blood, skin and tears in 4 days to get a new engine that week! Luckily we had a few successes at Goodwood and were successful!

Supercharged Speed Triple Rs / Thornton Hundred Motorcycles

This concept was for our ambassadors, we wanted to give them some experience – what would it be like to ride the Thornton Hundred Build? Our demo bike is at the forefront of PR from a social media perspective. Like the WFB, the demo bike has a nice paint job that is clearly recognizable as a TH build. This bike is sure to turn some heads and our ambassadors feel the adrenaline and presence of the bike as they roll down the street!

We really have a lot to offer! Of course we race the NOS 170mph WFB. We are introducing the Saloon Privé at the Supercar Driver event in Donington in early September.

As we’ve mentioned before, our prefab homes are perfect for year-end moves – much needed due to our rapid expansion. You can bet it will be a big opening night to celebrate! Now the restrictions are being eased and we want to go to more events and meet our fans – it’s really great to have people come to us who say they watch our Instagram/Youtube religiously. I feel like the band and I’m still getting used to it, but it’s great to meet them again! Dubbed the ‘World’s Fastest Cruiser’, the bike was built by Midlands custom Triumph specialist Thornton Hundred and was unveiled at MCN earlier this year.

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At £12,100, the engine got a Rotrex supercharger, along with forged pistons and a TTS engine, increasing power from 76 to 160 horsepower. Later, nitrous oxide injection was added, up to a maximum power of 201 hp.

Powerstart Bikes: Motorcycle Dealer

The result is not only 170 meters, but 10.49 seconds and would be usable every day. The identity of the recipient is unknown, but let’s hope he has strong hands!

Thinking of more performance than going for ‘bobbers’ like Triumph’s cut Bonneville? Think again. This radical, powerful and nitrous oxide-injected variant has just been unveiled and is billed as the ‘World’s Fastest Bobber’ with 200 horsepower.

This is a pet project to design and add Thornton Hundred clothing. They are located near Silverstone and run by Jody Milhouse. They specialize in Triumph Bobbers and Scramblers and even take on celebrity clients such as Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks. But until now, none of their bikes have been as strong or powerful as the new WFB.

“The goal was to build a bike that can be used for shows and touring,” explains Milhouse.

Thornton Hundred Motorcycles Will Turn Your Triumph Into A Badass Bobber

“Within a few months, when Covid hit, I made a conscious decision to make it the fastest, most powerful bobber in the world. The result was a target of over 200 horsepower at the crank, which we eventually achieved at the wheel. .”

Changes in the stock Triumph Bobber are everywhere. In addition to the Rotrex C15 supercharger, it features NOS dry injection, TTS engine cases, forged pistons, a modified camshaft and improved clutch. The result is 165 horsepower at the wheel, 202 horsepower without the nitrous boost.

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The chassis features Thornton Hundred’s signature wide-wheel conversion, billet hubs and Excel rims, as well as a billet seat, custom seat and wheels. Adapting electronics to increase mass production was a major challenge. Ultimately, Milhouse says, “It’s completely usable, starts with the push of a button every time, and builds up reliably.”

Or not yet. Full Öhlins suspension and Brembo monobloc brake conversions, custom paint and 300 horsepower are planned for next winter. If you want one for yourself, you can get a treat.

Thornton’s Motorcycle Sales

“We have no plans to redo the electrical numbers because the cost is astronomical,” he says, adding that customers will be able to purchase parts such as seats and number plates. “We plan to keep it in the family and grow it.” “It’s used every week at holiday races, shows and drag races.”

Hundred Power Winning Bobber By Thornton World’s Highest Quality Bobber, Thornton Hundred Thornton Hundred Power Charged Win Bobber Wfb World’s Fastest Win 0 5 USD $0 Remember the American plan? It also fetched a good price at the auction.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bonneville Babur’s story of the world’s fastest win on the Thornton Straight has finally moved on to the next chapter.

Thornton’s Babar story ends with a high price, or a high price, as he raises a staggering amount at an auction. The marketing efforts worked and many people, myself included, bought feedback. First we got wind of Thornton’s infectious project, which had racing jaws falling in all directions.

World’s Fastest Triumph Bobber Sold For Over $50,000 Usd

Fitted with a Rotrex C15 supercharger, forged pistons, TTS engine cases, Thornton’s V4 widebody kit and a nitrous kit, the engine delivered more horsepower than Triumph’s standard parallel twin. The stock Bonneville bobber Thornton replaced 1200cc and did half of what it said it would.

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