Time-lapse of Moon moving above Seattle’s Space Needle amazes internet

The Moon is something that allows people to look at the dark sky and starry night for a long time. With its different phases, whether it is a full moon or a waning moon, this celestial body is clothed in new colors, and each phase has its own beauty. Now an American photographer has captured the incredible beauty of the Moon on his camera. Photographer Sigma Sreedharan posted a video on Twitter showing the Moon moving above the Space Needle observation tower in Seattle. Along with the video, he also shared details of the equipment used while arousing the stunning sight.

In the 15-second clip, in addition to the gentle movement, features such as a crater and a crescent moon surround the Moon. This is a great time to view the Moon’s features because it is the first phase after the New Moon. According to the photographer, the frames were taken with a long interval of one second between them.

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The post’s caption reads, “Here’s a video of the moon last night behind the Space Needle in Seattle. The one I posted yesterday was one from this series. It was planned with photos and shots with Sony A7R4, Sony 200-600mm lens at 600mm, f/6.3, ISO 1250, 1/8 sec.

Since it was uploaded on October 29th, it has over 1 million views so far. Users were mesmerized after watching the scene. Some of them waived their technical questions about recording the records.

Photophils said, “Great idea. Perfect planning. Amazing work. Thank you, Sigma for inspiring us!”

Another user wrote, “Dang… this is next level. Love it.”

One person agreed, “These deserve some kind of award!”

One person said, “It’s better than the photo itself. This is amazing. Well done!!”

Here are some other reactions:

One viewer asked in the comments section, “The Moon can’t be that close, can it?” In response, Sreedharan explained, “It’s called lens compression, the result of staying away from the foreground and using a long zoom lens to make the background look bigger. ”

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