Today’s Mortgage, Refinance Rates: Nov. 15, 2022

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Mortgage rates fell dramatically late last week and are holding steady today.

Over the past seven days, average 30-year fixed mortgage rates have fallen more than 60 basis points. To put that in perspective, the average borrower who gets a mortgage today will pay $100 less in their monthly mortgage payment than a borrower who locked their rate a week ago.

Where the rates will depend on another economy. Inflation is finally showing signs of coming down, and the Federal Reserve has indicated that it may begin to slow the pace of increases in the federal funds rate at future meetings. But Fed officials have repeatedly indicated they are not ready to stop hiking rates, so mortgage rates could still inch in December or as early as 2023 as the central bank continues to try to keep inflation under control.

Mortgage rates today

Type of mortgage Today’s average rate
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Mortgage refinance rates today

Type of mortgage Today’s average rate
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30-year fixed mortgage rates

According to Freddie Mac, the current average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 7.08%. This is an increase compared to the previous week.

A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is the most common type of home loan. With this type of mortgage, you’ll pay back what you borrow over 30 years, and your interest rate won’t change for the life of the loan.

A longer 30-year term allows you to spread your payments over a longer period of time, meaning you can keep your monthly payments lower and more manageable. The trade-off is that you will have a higher rate than if you had shorter terms or adjustable rates.

15-year fixed mortgage rates

The average 15-year fixed mortgage rate is 6.38%, an increase from the previous week, according to Freddie Mac data. The last time this rate was above 6% was in 2008.

If you want the predictability that comes with a fixed rate but are looking to spend less on interest over the life of your loan, a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage may be a good fit for you. Because these terms are shorter and have lower rates than a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in interest. However, you will have a higher monthly payment over the long term.

5/1 Adjustable mortgage rates

The average 5/1 adjustable mortgage rate is 6.06%, an increase from the previous week. This is the first time since 2008 that the rate has exceeded 6%.

Adjustable rate mortgages can look more attractive to borrowers when rates are high, because the rates on these mortgages are lower than fixed mortgage rates. A 5/1 ARM is a 30-year mortgage. For the first five years, you will have a fixed rate. After that, your rate will be adjusted once per year. If rates are higher when your rate adjusts, you’ll pay more monthly than you started with.

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If you’re considering an ARM, make sure you understand how much your rate can go up each time you adjust it and how much it will ultimately increase over the life of the loan.

Are mortgage rates rising?

Mortgage rates began to rise from historic lows in the second half of 2021 and have risen significantly so far in 2022.

The consumer price index rose by 7.7 percent in the last 12 months. The Federal Reserve is working to bring inflation under control, and is expected to raise the federal funds target rate twice this year, following increases at its previous five meetings.

Although not directly tied to the federal funds rate, mortgage rates are sometimes raised as a result of Fed rate hikes and investor expectations of how those hikes will affect the economy.

Inflation remains high, but is beginning to slow, which bodes well for mortgage rates and the broader economy.

How can I find personal mortgage rates?

Some mortgage lenders let you customize your mortgage rate on their websites by entering your down payment amount, zip code, and credit score. The resulting rate isn’t set in stone, but it can give you an idea of ​​what you’ll pay.

If you’re ready to start shopping for homes, you can apply for pre-approval with a lender. The lender does a hard credit pull and looks at your financial details to lock in a mortgage rate.

Are HELOCs a good idea right now?

Many homeowners gained more equity in the past two years as home prices rose at an unprecedented rate. But because rates are so high right now, it can be expensive to tap into that equity.

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For homeowners looking to leverage the value of their home to cover a major purchase — such as a home renovation — a home equity line of credit (HELOC) may still be a good option.

A HELOC is a line of credit that allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. It works like a credit card in that you borrow what you need instead of getting the full amount you borrow in one lump sum.

Depending on your finances and the type of HELOC you get, you may get a better rate with a HELOC than with a home equity loan or cash-out refinance. Just keep in mind that HELOC rates are variable, so if rates start to go up, your chances will too.


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