US vows full military defense of allies against North Korea

Tokyo (AP) – The United States will use its full military capabilities to defend its allies Japan and South Korea, “including nuclear, conventional and missile,” US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman warned North Korea on Tuesday. so as not to aggravate his anger.

Sherman said North Korea’s repeated fire. There have been military actions involving ballistic missiles and artillery in recent weeks. North Korea has described it as a practice tactical nuclear test.

“This is very irresponsible, dangerous and destabilizing,” Sherman said during a meeting with South Korean Prime Minister Cho Hyun-dong in Tokyo. The two officials met last Wednesday ahead of trilateral talks with their Japanese counterparts.

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The three officials have met in person since conservative South Korean President Yun Suk-yeol took office in May, marking an improvement in strained relations between Japan and South Korea. A year ago, the vice ministers of Japan and South Korea refused to attend a joint news conference after a tripartite meeting in Washington, allowing Sherman to hold a separate media briefing.

North Korea must understand that America’s commitment to the security of South Korea and Japan is “ironclad,” Sherman said.

“And we will use the full range of US defense capabilities to defend our allies’ nuclear, conventional and missile defense capabilities,” she said.

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In his meeting with Sherman, Cho raised concerns about a new North Korean nuclear weapons policy coming out in September. It increases the possibility of random use of nuclear weapons.

“This is creating serious tension on the Korean peninsula,” Cho said.

Sherman met with Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Takeo Mori on Tuesday and reaffirmed Japan-US cooperation and other shared goals, including the complete denuclearization of North Korea and a joint response to China’s increasing assertiveness in the region.

Japan’s Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada recently said that North Korea is believed to be capable of achieving a nuclear war on a small scale, and that it is increasing its missile capabilities and expanding its launch technologies to make interception more difficult.

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Japanese officials have warned that North Korea may conduct a nuclear test in the near future.

Japanese and South Korean officials met on Tuesday to discuss ways to improve their countries’ relations, amid disagreements over Japan’s wartime actions over the abuse of Korean conscripts and the forcing of girls and young women to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers.


This story corrects South Korea’s First Vice Foreign Minister Chon Le Hyeondong, not Hyeondong.


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