W.VA. State Treasurer talks about three issues the office has been focusing on


West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore stopped by WTAP to discuss three topics his office has been focusing on.

First, Treasurer Moore discussed the increase in Unclaimed Property.

Moore revealed that the Treasurer’s office has seen a record breaking month of unclaimed property, totaling $5.3 million returned.

He attributed the large amount to the modernization steps his office has taken through legislation and the State Treasurer’s new Cash Now Program.

Moore encourages everyone to go to the unclaimed website wvtreasury.com and see if you can see your name.

“So if you get a check from me, it’s real. Cash that check. Don’t give it back to us. I promise it’ll be clear. It’s not a scam. Sometimes we get that question.”

State Treasurer Moore also shared his thoughts on The Hope Scholarship being ruled constitutional at the State Supreme Court Level after he was sued over the program.

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Moore describes the Hope Scholarship as an educational savings account. He said it allows families and students to take a portion of state tax dollars and use them however they see fit, including going to private schools or homeschooling.

“This is the best education and freedom option in the state of WV. So, we’re just excited to make Mountaineers a little more free with this program. I think it’s going to be a great outcome for families and students who decide to use it.

Moore emphasized the idea of ​​educational choice.

“It gives us an education option as West Virginians. Some people may want to have a Christian education. This allows them to take their tax dollars, that’s their money, and use their dollars to educate their children as they best see fit. The same thing in homeschool front. These dollars can help individuals who have decided to take that route. And certainly out where I am, in the eastern panhandle. We have many homeschool families and they have done well. But they pay taxes. It’s their money. So why don’t we let them use it to educate his children?

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The final issue is what Moore calls a credit card company ‘scheme’ that tracks sales of guns and ammunition.

Moore associates this with what he calls, the awakening of capitalism.

“This is a question of governance. We need to wake up politics and capitalism out of the financial sector. And what they need to do is focus only on profits and not on guns and ammunition.

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He said that the credit card company put in a new code that will be charged when someone buys weapons and ammunition.

He called it unconstitutional.

“It’s a private entity, not the government that’s asking for this type of information because something’s happening. They’re tracking every individual. And I think that’s a violation of individual rights because it has a terrible effect when individuals look to legally buy guns and ammunition. It’s protected by the Constitution of the United States. We have the Second Amendment in this country and in this country. So we will fight to uphold it.”


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