Woman’s Reaction to Great Dane Giving Birth Leaves Internet in Stitches

A woman’s hilarious reaction to a friend’s dog birth has taken the internet by storm.

TikToker Kelly Love (@loveandchaos.co) dog-sat her friend’s Great Dane when mom gave birth earlier than planned. The video of Kelly Love, not prepared for this situation, trying to support the mommy dog ​​won the hearts of users.

Since being shared on the platform on October 10, it has received more than 120,000 likes and 1.5 million views.

Three Great Dane Puppies in a Basket
The package includes a wooden photo of three Great Dane puppies. One is blue and the other is black with white toes. TikTok users praised Kelly Love’s hard work during the unexpected birth, even though she vomited.
Svetlana Belkina/iStock/Getty Images Plus

How Do I Prepare for My Dog to Adopt a Family?

Dr. Louis DelGiudice—special national emergency manager at AmeriVet Partners Management Inc—said many owners can prepare for their dog’s birth.

First, she recommends that owners visit their primary care veterinarian for a prenatal evaluation, including an X-ray and ultrasound.

“These diagnostic tools ​​assess the number of embryos expected and determine the size of the fetus,” he said. Newsweek.

“[These tests can also] It will help you determine if dystocia (difficult birth) is possible.

Next, owners should also set up a place for their pet to breed, with DelGiudice specifying a “quiet place in the house and a whelping box.”

Also known as a “nesting box,” a whelping box creates a small safe place for a dog to give birth and can be purchased online or made at home. The box needs to be warm, so fill it with good bedding and avoid things (like straw) that can irritate the dogs’ eyes. Puppies spend most of their first month in this crate, with high sides that keep little ones safe.

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DelGiudice also advised mothers to talk to their doctors about the mother’s diet, to make sure she is getting the most beneficial nutrition during pregnancy and delivery.

How do you know your dog is ready to breed? DelGiudice said the first stages of whilping last between six and 36 hours.

“Symptoms you can see are lethargy, lethargy, lethargy, and not wanting to eat,” he said.

What if you end up in a situation like Kelly, and your dog suddenly gives birth? DelGiudice told officials to “leave it alone.”

“Most of the time, it’s better to leave the dog alone and let it continue without crying, but be aware of some signs that indicate dystocia or labor difficulties must intervene,” he said.

“Black, bloody, or green vaginal discharge before birth is a sign of dystocia. During labor, contractions last 20 to 30 minutes, and without giving birth to a puppy, a signs of anxiety.”

He said that normally, cubs give birth every 30 to 60 minutes, but they can take up to two hours. If your dog is still struggling after three hours, there is cause for concern, so contact an emergency vet for help.

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“If you see a dog stuck in a river and won’t get out, you should see your pet,” he said.

“Make sure that each puppy is given a chance. If the puppy is not born with a calf, it will be delivered 5 to 10 minutes later.”

After giving birth, allow the mother to wash her babies, and check that she is feeding her litter every two to three hours while nursing.

‘Oh my goodness’

In her video, Kelly Love explained how her friend’s Great Dane stayed with her after her friend’s house flooded during Hurricane Ian. The puppy wasn’t expected to give birth until the weekend, but the puppies decided to arrive a few days early—Kelly was in the middle of a client meeting at her studio.

“My goodness,” Kelly Love exclaimed when she saw that the dog had given birth to her first puppy. “Mick the dog, yes! She’s a good girl.”

Commenting on the videos in the captions, Kelly Love wrote: “[This is] It’s the cutest thing because I don’t know how to wwhiling a dog.”

Love explained the situation to his clients and rescheduled the event. Her roommate went to pick up her friend, and Love stayed to take care of the baby dog, rubbing her back to comfort her.

However, his strong will was tested at home by a dog in the area.

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“Holy f***** s***,” he says in the clip as he turns away, trying not to throw up. Then he looked directly at the camera for support.

When the mother dog started to wash her puppies, Kelly started to feel sad.

“This is the mom who is washing her baby, the umbilical cord is grunting and the sack is in her mouth,” she wrote in her play.

“It’s all downhill from here,” he said, as onlookers watched him dive in a nearby sinkhole. Then he paced around the room, trying not to throw up again.

“At this point I stopped trying to get along,” he wrote.

In another clip added a few hours later, Love updated users on the babies’ progress. Mom and three babies are doing well, one Harlequin puppy (black and white), one black dog and one blue.

TikTok users applauded Love’s actions, even after he vomited.

“You handled it well,” Christi Butler said in a statement. “I don’t think you deserve to be a practice nurse and bring that kick, but you still died!”

“The emotional roller coaster you went on,” Gabriel Martinez said.

“I’m sorry I laughed harder when you tried,” wrote @havinfun.

When MandiRie said: “My dog, I was ready and I did exactly what you did LMAO. YOU DO A GREAT JOB.”

Newsweek has reached out to @loveandchaos.co for comment.

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